Embrass Peerless – Case Study

The Client:

Embrass Peerless is an long established distributor of plumbing supplies to
merchants in the East Midlands. They started to develop it as a national distributor.


After a rigorous process back in 2009, Embrass chose Best 4 Business Communications to
be their key supplier for their new telephone system, calls and lines. This was at a key point
in their rapid growth and expansion program. They were hugely impressed with the
recommendations and dedication shown. Embrass continued to use this solution over the
coming 5 years which grew with their needs and requirements as they relocated and added to its configuration, more than doubling in volume. They were always more than pleased with the high level of customer service and the rapid response times shown by B4BC.


Continuing to expand rapidly, Embrass had more than quadrupled in size with turnover in
excess of £20 million. Embrass realised they had a requirement to upgrade the existing telephone system to increase expansion potential and improve efficiency. Embrass started the tender process to find a provider who would manage their telecommunication estate, would have the knowledge within the market place to make recommendations that would have positive impacts on the everyday running of their organisation, whilst also being able to respond with the required urgency that they had become accustomed to.

The Solution:

Best 4 Business Communications were able to listen to Embrass’ requirements and make
firm recommendations that would have multiple major positive impacts on the running and
management of the organisation. B4BC recommended the Panasonic NS1000 telephone
system with a mix of IP and Digital handsets.

✓ Call reporting and recording was implemented to provide quality control across all
departments and assist in staff training and development.

✓ Remote workers were also adopted to allow directors and home workers the ability
to communicate as if they were in the office with no running costs.

✓ Mobile smart phones were integrated within the system to allow for internal free of
charge calls to be made when traveling to different parts of the world thus reducing
roaming charges dramatically.

The Here & Now:

Since having the new phone system installed during the summer of 2014, Embrass haven’t
looked back. They truly believe that they have already seen a return on their investment
with minimal verbal order disputes that are immediately resolved upon listening to the call
recordings, improved productivity across all departments and reduced traveling and
roaming charges with the remote users and mobile integration.

✓ In their words “It’s Brilliant!”



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