Herefordshire Wildlife Trust Case Study

Case Study Of Herefordshire Wildlife Trust

The Client…

The Trust has been operating for over 52 years, with a net worth of almost £3 Million & a turnover £1.2 Million, they cover the county of Herefordshire & work closely with other neighbouring Wildlife both in England & Wales. They are supported by over 3000 local members, whilst managing 54 nature reserves. They are members of the Royal Society of Wildlife, a federation of 47 Wildlife Trusts covering the whole of the British Isles, with over 800,000 members & more than 2,300 nature reserves covering 90,000 hectares. The Trust is also a member of the West Midlands Wildlife Trusts, a jointly owned company formed to promote conservation programmes with the other six Wildlife trusts in the West Midlands region. Their ethos…Our vision is for a Herefordshire that is richer and more diverse in wildlife and that is valued, and cared for, by its people to the benefit of all. The trust is governed by the trustees, responsible for the overall governance of the Wildlife Trust.


Herefordshire Wildlife Trust recognized that their communications infrastructure had become obsolete & outdated with new issues presenting themselves on a regular basis. In light of this they decided to evaluate the telecommunications market in search of a solution for their business requirements. After a rigorous process the Trust decided to create a tender document with their telephony requirements, The Trust were adamant that the provider needed to be able to respond with urgency and achieve a positive return on investment for cost effectiveness & efficiency. Best 4 Business answered the tender with a cost effective solution for their telephony requirements. Best 4 Business Communications were able to answer the tender document with an impressive cost effective solution for their business telecommunication requirements. The trustees were confident in the overall solution Best 4 Business recommended, along with the dedication shown throughout the tender process.

The Solution…

Best 4 Business Communications evaluated the Trusts requirements & gave justified recommendations to answer these key requirements. Following these recommendations would have a positive impact to the businesses day to day efficiency & improve internal & external communications. The key benefits were:

Best 4 Business recommended a Fibre To The Cabinet Solution subsidised by the BDUK Scheme for the broadband service instead of the limited speeds of the current ADSL2+
Take advantage of a Cloud telephone system offering the resilience, scalability, portability of a mobilised workforce who would be able to use the system on mobile devices when out in the reserves
The Trust was able to upgrade their telephone system whilst reducing their annual costs.
Mobile telephone users with GSM and integration with the cloud telephone system.

The Here & Now…

Herefordshire Wildlife Trust takes full advantage of the stable, futureproofed, feature-rich & resilient Cloud telephony, since selecting Best 4 Business Communications as their key supplier for business telecommunications they have not looked back, they were more than satisfied with the quality of
service, time of set-up & installation. They believe that they are seeing a great return on investment when it comes to overall productivity of their Unified Communications, Herefordshire Wildlife Trust are delighted with how efficiency has increased across the organisation with the solution deployed by B4BC.


In early 2016, the Herefordshire Wildlife trust were given full control and responsibility of Queenswood Country Park, as part of this growth, the trust have contracted B4BC to install a Fibre Leased Line and add an additional 10 users to the cloud platform. Allowing the different sites to work as one true organisation unifying their communications infrastructure. The Trust continues to grow & expand and under the advice of Best 4 Business Communications having found a trusted, knowledgeable and forward thinking partner.

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