Analogue Lines For Business

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Analogue Business Lines

Analogue Business Lines

An analogue line is a voice circuit made from standard copper wire. The telephone switching equipment that connects you to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). This is sometimes referred to as the local loop. Once the analogue telephone line is installed, someone can call the phone number that you have subscribed to, & the phone company can connect the call to you. Analogue lines work by transmitting voice as electrical signals, when you talk into the phone, the microphone converts the sound waves into analog electrical waves.

Analogue Business Line Benefits

✓ Analogue lines are very cost effective
✓ Analogue lines are tried & test telephony solutions

Why Choose B4BC For Analogue Lines

✓ Savings on calls & line rentals.
✓ No call leakage from BT.
✓ Excellent levels of customer service & fault management.
✓ No queues, multiple departments or foreign call centres.
✓ Award-winning service.
✓ Recognised customer service.

B4BC Analogue Line Solutions

✓ Call Quality – Crisp call quality over traditional analogue lines.

✓ DDI’s (Direct Dial Inbound numbers) – Assign each individual their own DDI number.

✓ Resilience – Analogue lines are tried & tested.

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