BT Business Price Increase 2019

Another BT Business Price Increase 2019

Another year, another BT price increase, if you are a BT business customer you can expect to see a large percentage increase across many products & services. There is some good news, you have 30 days once you receive your notification letter to act & come out of contract penalty free!


BT Business Facts

Did you know that BT business has increased their prices 6 times over the past 18 months? Many business owners choose BT based on cheap headline prices, however as shown in the bast 18 months, BT will most likely increase their prices over the duration of the contract, don’t get caught out by headline prices. BT business is also renown as the wooden spoon provider, this is an award given to the comms provider who mis-sells products.

You Have 30 Days To Act!

This is indeed bad news, the good news is that you have 30 days to combat the price increase. In most cases, you are able to review how these prices will affect your business & come out of contract, whilst seeking better prices from another provider.

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How This Will Affect Your Phone Line Prices

Type Of Phone LineTermPrice up to 30 June 2019Price from 1 July 2019
Value phone line online1£18.50£19.70
Value phone line1£21.00£22.30
Value phone line special terms2,3,4£14.90£15.80
Standard phone line1£25.90£27.50
Critical phone line1£31.20£33.10
Remote Call Forwarding (RCF) – Network Features – all variants1£39.00£41.40

How This Will Affect Your Business Broadband Prices

Type Of BroadbandBundled Broadband price up to 30/06/19Total bundle price up to 30/06/19Bundled Broadband price from 01/07/19Total bundle price from 01/07/19
Infinity + Line£24.00£45.20£25.40£46.60
Infinity + Value Line£24.00£39.90£25.20£41.10
Infinity Essential + Line£15.00£36.20£16.10£37.30
Infinity Essential + Value Line£15.00£30.90£16.00£31.90
Infinity Premium, Calls + Value Line£49.00£64.90£51.00£66.90
Infinity Premium, Calls, Line + StaticIP£50.10£71.30£52.30£73.50
Infinity Premium, Calls, Line + StaticIP£49.00£70.20£51.20£72.40
Infinity Premium, Calls, Line + StaticIP£51.20£72.40£53.40£74.60
Infinity Premium, Calls, V Line + StaticIP£49.00£64.90£51.00£66.90
Infinity Premium, Value Line + StaticIP£39.00£54.90£40.70£56.60
Infinity Premium + Line£40.90£62.10£42.80£64.00
Infinity Premium + Line£39.00£60.20£40.90£62.10
Infinity Premium + Value Line£39.00£54.90£40.70£56.60
Infinity Premium, Calls + Line£50.10£71.30£52.30£73.50
Infinity Premium, Calls + Line£49.00£70.20£51.20£72.40
Infinity Premium, Calls + Line£51.20£72.40£53.40£74.60
Infinity Premium, Line + StaticIP£40.90£62.10£42.80£64.00
Infinity Premium, Line + StaticIP£39.00£60.20£40.90£62.10
Unlimited Infinity, Calls + Value Line£41.70£57.60£43.50£59.40
Unlimited Infinity, Calls + Value Line£41.00£56.90£42.80£58.70
Unlimited Infinity, Calls + Value Line£42.80£58.70£44.60£60.50
Unlimited Infinity + Line£32.60£53.80£34.30£55.50
Unlimited Infinity + Line£31.00£52.20£32.60£53.80
Unlimited Infinity + Value Line£32.50£48.40£34.00£49.90
Unlimited Infinity + Value Line£31.00£46.90£32.50£48.40
Unlimited Infinity, Calls + Line£41.90£63.10£43.80£65.00
Unlimited Infinity, Calls + Line£41.00£62.20£42.90£64.10
Unlimited Infinity, Calls + Line£42.90£64.10£44.90£66.10

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