SGS Packaging Case Study

SGS Packaging Case Study

The Client…

SGS international has been operating for over 55 years, they deliver their design-to-print solutions throughout Europe & pacific Asia, with a net worth of £6 Million & a turnover of £36 Million, SGS is a leader within their industry. They focus on strong partnerships with clients & investors. SGS international is an industry leader in design-to-print branding opportunities, partnering with global corporations to produce packaging with noteworthy brand recognition. With a strong global presence, they currently employ over 500 employees & have 4 directors.


SGS international identified that changes within their telecommunications infrastructure were required as the current set-up no longer met their requirements, they identified the need for a strong robust telephony infrastructure to manage their business effectively. SGS required a solution that would streamline their current communications. After careful deliberation, SGS sent out a tender document to seek a telecommunications provider who could provide streamlined & efficient solutions to unify their infrastructure. Best 4 Business Communications was able to identify SGS requirements & provide a cost effective solution which would have positive implications across the business. SGS were impressed with the dedication & professionalism shown throughout the tender process.

The Solution…

Best 4 Business Communications listened closely to SGS internationals telephony requirements, we were able to make effective recommendations that would have a number of positive impacts on the efficiency of their communications. Best 4 Business was able to unify the businesses telecommunications into a streamlined solution with a VoIP telephone system. We were able to upgrade their telephone system with a, cost saving, state of the art, futureproofed telephone system, protected from the ISDN switch off. Best 4 Business was able to provide SGS with a secure reliable broadband service by use of a leased line, the leased line was able to provide the resilient connectivity needed to support the VoIP telephony solution we had put in place. The mobile handsets allowed SGS international unify their communications, whilst improving mobility both internally & externally, they take advantage of the Best 4 Business application, which allows their business mobiles to be fully twinned anywhere around the world, without incurring data charges. This also opened up opportunities for the business to increase the access for remote workers, giving directors that needed increase in mobility.

The Here & Now…

SGS international now incorporates state of the art, streamlined VoIP telephony, this solution futureproofs the businesses infrastructure in-wake of the ISDN switch off, SGS believes that they have truly improved efficiency by switching their telecommunications to Best 4 Business, they are more than satisfied with the Unified Communication solution we were able to put in place & are adamant that the business has seen a great return on investment where the telecommunications infrastructure is concerned. SGS is adamant that the business aims for this project have now been met. The business mobiles & twinning application helped increase the internal & external communications without incurring charges on data rooming, which of course is saving the business money. SGS international have seen improvements across the organisation as well as a number of departments, they are more than satisfied with the telecommunication solution Best 4 Business put in place & would recommended all services put in place. SGS have continued to build their relationship with B4BC by selecting them to provide communications, connectivity, & and data infrastructure at a new office they have opened in Cumbria in October 2016.

The Evolution…

Best 4 Business Communications was able to advise SGS international according to their business telecommunication requirements, we were able to identify that expansions within the company would need to be addressed from a telecommunications standpoint, we recommended a solution which would help unify their telecommunications infrastructure into a streamlined solution, which would be easy to manage & maintain for the business. As the business turns over in excess of £36 Million, it was crucial for SGS to evaluate their communication requirements, the business was very specific with what return on investment they required, & Best 4 Business was able to adhere. The tender process aided SGS international identify Best 4 Business Communications as a solutions provider for Unified Communications, they sought a provider with expert knowledge within the marketplace, who could have positive implications on the businesses processes.

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