KX-NT366 IP Handset

KX-NT366 IP Handset

KX-NT366 IP Handset Functions

  • Function button: 48 (12×4)
  • Speakerphone: Yes
  • Colour: White
  • Display (LCD) lines/characters: 6/24 

KX-NT366 IP Handset Features

The KX-NT366 is designed for a modern company requiring a modern switch board. With its 48 key self labelling desi strip it allows for space saving without reducing functionality. Company’s know that turnover of staff is common place and regularly forcing the phones to be altered to accommodate for new names.  With the 366 this is a thing of the past.  Its LCD display can be self ladled from the PBX itself prolonging the aesthetic life of your phone system for years to come.

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