ISDN 30 Lines For Business

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Highly Commended in 2 categories in 2020.

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ISDN30 Business Lines

ISDN30 Business Lines

ISDN30 & ISDN30e are high-performance voice & data services for modern businesses, who tend to have eight or more employees. Each ISDN30/30e connection provides 8-30 independent 64k channels. Your business can combine these for bandwidth-hungry applications such as high-quality video conferencing or transferring large data files.

ISDN30 Business Lines Benefits

✓ Connections can be almost instant
✓ Voice communications with other ISDN users are crystal clear
✓ You can send & receive calls to all subscribers, digital or analogue
✓ Data transfer is fast but also free of errors
✓ You can provide your staff with their own individual DDI numbers
✓ There is a wide range of compatible equipment, having access to the latest digital technology

Why Choose B4BC For ISDN30 Lines

✓ Savings on calls & line rentals.
✓ No call leakage from BT.
✓ Excellent levels of customer service & fault management.
✓ No queues, multiple departments or foreign call centres.
✓ Award-winning service.
✓ Recognised customer service.

B4BC ISDN30 Line Solutions

✓ Call Quality – ISDN lines offer greater clarity and quality over traditional analogue lines.

✓ DDI’s (Direct Dial Inbound numbers) – Assign each individual their own DDI number, anyone with a DDI, can be contacted without the use of a switchboard.

✓ Resilience – ISDN lines are more stable for business over normal analogue lines, you can also run in-depth diagnostics on ISDN channels.

✓ Multi Party Conferencing – ISDN lines are great for multi-party conference calling due to the clarity and speed of the connection.

✓ Caller ID & Number Presentation – With B4BC ISDN you can present your phone number, and also track who is calling in. the number will be displayed using CLIP (Calling line identification presentation) or COLP (Connected line identification presentation)

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