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Which Telephone System Do You Need?

Need Help Choosing A Phone System?

Choosing a telephone system for your business can be hard work, at B4BC we like to keep things simple. If you need help finding a phone system for your business, get in touch, we are recognised for providing award-winning business telephone systems. With over 12 years in business with recognised customer service, you’re in safe hands. Let us do the hard work for you.

Having Any Of These Issues?

✓ Are customers getting frustrated with bad call routing? Need an auto attendant?
 Having issues with voicemail facilities? Are you missing messages? Need voicemail?
Do you have more than one line on the main number? Can callers get through if someone is on the phone? Need multiple lines?
Does your business pay for site to site calls? Looking to save on your phone bill? Want to reduce your bill?
Do you have staff on the road? Do you need them to be connected to the phone system with mobile apps? Need mobile apps?
Need your system to be GDPR compliant? Need a smart call recording system?

Help Me Find A Phone System

Which Handset Do You Need?


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view system

What Features Do You Need?

Mobile Applications

Your smartphone, tablet, laptop or any other mobile device becomes your extension

Conference Bridging

Clients, colleagues and suppliers can dial into a virtual meeting room

Smart Voicemail

Voicemail that knows when you are on another call

Voice To Email

Access your voicemails via email, or even have them forwarded

Text Messaging

Use your main number to communicate with by text

Call Recording

Call recording can be switched on and off

Auto Disaster Recovery

In the unlikely event of a loss of service at your site

Call Reporting

Inbound and outbound calls are logged

Business Telephone System Consideration

Business Telephone System Considerations

✓ How does broadband affect my business telephone systems? Are you aware that your telephone system needs to work via broadband by 2025, did you also know that BT will no longer be selling ISDN solutions after 2020?

✓ Do you need a business telephone system that is future-proof? Don’t buy old technology, don’t purchase a telephone system that will soon be updated in telephony and technology.

✓ How many lines do you need on your telephone system? Many businesses think one line is enough, did you know 80% of callers who can’t get through to your business on the 1st call will not call you back, 80% loss of sales, don’t lose your business money.

✓ How many extensions do you need on your telephone system? Lines and handsets are key to businesses, make sure your business has enough lines to support the incoming calls, also make sure your business has the sufficient handsets to cope with calls and your business growth, the rule of thumb, every employee should have access to one handset.

✓ What features would you like your business telephone system to incorporate? Don’t buy a telephone system that can’t cope with your businesses operations, if you are a school then, voicemail to email, auto attendant and paging is key, make sure your company does the research 1st, never pay over the odds for telephone systems that you don’t need and make sure the basics are covered for your business.

✓ Would you like a telephone system that can easily expand with new employees? Businesses growth is natural, don’t let your telephone system hold you back, with the latest telephone systems, business growth is as simple as plugging a handset in without the need of software and expensive licences.

✓ Does your business need unlimited calls on the telephone system? Many businesses are seeking unlimited options, businesses such as recruitment firms and call centres, don let something as simple as call bundles hold your business back.

Other Business Telephone System Considerations

✓ Will you need your business telephone system to have the ability to forward calls to mobiles? Many businesses have staff who are constantly on the road, most modern phone systems allow you to sync your mobiles to the phone system which acts as an extension.

✓ Does your business telephone system need home worker solutions? Home workers are becoming a very popular solution for businesses, if you need a telephone system that supports home workers we can help, mobility is key, and businesses need to show that they allow for flexible working.

✓ Will you want your new business telephone system to have CTI? Computer telephony integration is another popular request, we can provide business telephone systems that allow you to click and dial and number with ease.

✓ Will you need CRM integration on your phone system? CRM integration is great for improving efficiency, want your CRM system to link in with your telephone system? We can help. In many cases businesses improve productivity by 30%, with something as simple as CRM integration.

✓ Is there a need to integrate the telephone systems with IT? We can liaise with your IT provider to ensure your telephone system is properly synced up with your IT infrastructure. IT and telecoms go hand in hand, but ensure that you have a phone system provider and an IT company, there has been an increase in the number of IT companies providing business telephone systems that are incorrectly installed.

✓ Do you want a telephone system that is future proofed from the ISDN switch off? Don’t invest in old technology, ensure your phone system is protected from the switch off and save yourself from having to invest in a telephone system twice.

Does your phone system need all-inclusive features? The latest telephone systems come with many features, again when looking at your business you should review which features will benefit your business, you should ensure that the business phone system meets those requirements otherwise your business might have to buy twice.

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