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Call Recording Systems/ Solutions

Call Recording Phone Systems

B4BC are able to offer a call recording systems through a bespoke cloud platform, where all calls can be recorded at a pence per minute cost. Calls can be automatically emailed to allow for effective sorting, whilst also being backed up by your email software. Our call recording phone systems also allows the opportunity to store the call recordings.

Call Recording Telephone Systems/ Solutions:

This is an ideal solution for clients that have fairly low call volumes, however, clients that have high call volumes can quickly see costs exceeding those of a dedicated on site call recording and logging solution. An onsite call recording solution allows calls to be located and stored locally with the option of an offsite backup, usually organised through an IT vendor as part of the company’s back up policy. An onsite call recording solution allows easier search and identification of call recordings along with other built in features such as call logging.

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Call Recording Systems

Enterprise Call Recording Systems

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FSA Compliance

Call Recording FSA Compliance

A recent change in FSA requirements means many companies are now obliged to record all client related telephone calls. Thankfully, B4BC call recorder is a highly cost effective solution which can record inbound and outbound calls. It is simple to set the rules and permissions required to enable different organisational levels of access to view and playback calls. Recorded calls are easy to locate, either from the daily call log or using a quick search facility that filters calls by, number, extension, date, etc, Call playback controls are similar in format to many popular MP3 players and are operated from the PC desktop.

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Call Recording Phone Systems

Resolve Costly Disputes With Call Recording Phone Systems

✓ Security – Recorded calls are easy to export and e-mail as .mp3 or .wav files. These are encrypted to ensure they are tamper proof. Calls can be archived to disc or other storage devices and for added security they can only be replayed on MyCalls Call Recorder when they are recovered.

✓ Efficiency boosting – The MyCalls Advanced Player is packed with further functionality to make saving and playing back important call recordings even easier. With the Section Marker, all transfers during a call can be shown. The Sound Clips feature enables small sections of a call to be saved and exported separately; useful in isolating key conversations.

✓ Playback –  During play having the ability to control the speed can enable skipping to the correct section and the volume of each call participant can be easily controlled. In addition, the Audit feature allows managers to keep track of which recordings have been played back, when, and by whom.

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What Other Features Do I Get

Mobile Applications

Your smartphone, tablet, laptop or any other mobile device becomes your extension.

Conference Bridging


Smart Voicemail

Voicemail that knows when you are on another call.

Voice To Email

Access your voicemails via email, or even have them forwarded.

Call Recording

Call recording can be switched on and off.

Text Messaging

Use your main number to communicate with by text.

Auto Disaster Recovery

In the unlikely event of a loss of service at your site.

Call Reporting

Inbound and outbound calls are logged.

Call Recording Phone Systems

What Do I Get On My Call Recording Phone System

To Include:

✓ Call logging software for up to 32 users
✓ Call recording software for up to 20 simultaneous calls
✓ Hardware interface
✓ Software assurance for logging and recording
✓ Rack mounted 1TB Call logging and recording server
✓ Full install, commissioning and training

Why Use Call Recording Phone Systems For Business?

Track the call quality of your staff & the professionalism
 Analyse calls which in a bid to help to train staff
 Resolve situations where there is a “I didn’t say that” case
Help keep your staff secure & protect them from verbal abuse
✓ Retrieve call information & quotes quickly without issue
✓ Improve sales optimisation
✓ Improve your customer service levels & experience
✓ Reduce the number of faults and errors

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Call Recording Systems/ Solutions

Why You Need Advanced Call Recording Systems

Business call recording systems/ advanced call recording solutions can be deployed across the largest call centres and or financial organisations  We tend to find that our customers are using advanced call recording systems to ensure compliance, whilst improving customer experience as well as business performance.

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Benefits Of Call Recording Systems Include:

  • Comprehensive compliance (FCA, MiFID II, PCI DSS):

Compliant call recording solutions for organisations legally obligated to record calls

  • Fact verification and risk mitigation: 

Call recording gives you a failsafe to resolve disputes arising from telephone orders and incorrect advice, counselling or information being given or received

  • Coaching and training:

Improve employee performance by listening back to call recordings and identifying areas that require additional support and training.

  • Quality Control and Governance:

Easily ensure your employees are following business protocols with call recording

  • Customer and business insights:

Gather important information and drive business decisions based on data

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FAQ Call Recording Phone Systems

Call Recording Phone System FAQs:

Do I need Call Recording ?

YES, all businesses should take advantage of call recording systems, call recording systems have been very effective for both call centres as well as financial businesses, some benefits include:

✓ Training new staff
✓ Phone call quality assurance
✓ Dispute resolution
✓ Employee evaluations
✓ Staff incentives
✓ Compliance processes

Which call recording system is best for me?

There are various systems for call recording on the market, these can vary from a simple plug and play unit that connects to devices or on the other hand your business might want a solution for all of the workforce . The number of people who need a call recording system will dictate what system you need, if all users need call recording than a per seat solution would suit best, if only a few people need call recording, then a simple adhoc solution would work well. You will also need to remember that your business will need to consider what budget you have in place for a call recording system.

Will the Call Recording system still work if we make changes or upgrade

Before you choose a call recording system, give us a call or contact us, it is always best to speak to a telephony expert before integrating something a large as a call recording system to a phone system, we can advice the best route as we provide many systems from world leading PBX manufactures.

In some cases licencing can be repurposed, you may be able to take advantage of your original investment made into the phone system, whilst ensuring your phone system is future-proof in the event that changes are required.

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