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Business Telephone Line Rentals

Business Telephone Line Rentals

Whether you have an existing agreement for your business telephone line rentals or you are looking at getting new lines installed for a new office. Best 4 Business Communications can offer affordable, cheap business line install solutions. From order of your Analogue, ISDN2, ISDN30, SIP or VoIP trunk, we can ensure that we will be able to project manage the install for you ensuring that any hardware ordered is installed at the same time. We are experts in business telephone line rentals get in touch for all you telephone line rental needs. See below for business telephone rentals charges and install costs:

Business Telephone Line Rentals 5 Years (60 Months Contract)

Analogue Line£12.00 per month
ISDN2 Channels£12.00 per month
ISDN30 Channels£12.50 per month
SIP Trunk£5.00 per month

Line Rental

DescriptionPence Per Minute
Local Calls£0.0079
National Calls£0.0079
All Mobile Networks£0.0499

Business Telephone Line Rentals 3 Years (36 Months Contract)

Analogue Line£13.00 per month
ISDN2 Channels£13.00 per month
ISDN30 Channels£13.50 per month
SIP Trunk£7.50 per month

Line Rental

DescriptionPence Per Minute
Local Calls£0.0099
National Calls£0.0099
All Mobile Networks£0.0699

Business Telephone Line Rentals 1 Year (12 Months Contract)

Analogue Line£14.00 per month
ISDN2 Channels£14.00 per month
ISDN30 Channels£14.50 per month
SIP Trunk£10.00 per month

Line Rental

DescriptionPence Per Minute
Local Calls£0.0129
National Calls£0.0129
All Mobile Networks£0.0849

Business Telephone Line Installation Charges:

DescriptionInstall Cost
Analogue Line Installation (Per Line)£99.00
ISDN2 Channels x 2 Installation£249.00
ISDN30 Channels x 8 Installation£560.00 One Off Charge
£45.00 Per Additional Channel (Minimum of 8 Channels)
SIP Trunk (Per Trunk)£25.00

More Information On Business Telephone Line Rentals

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