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EFM (Ethernet First Mile) Broadband Connections

Ethernet First Mile (EFM) Broadband Connections

EFM more commonly known as Ethernet First Mile is the closest alternative for leased lines for business, EFM is able to deliver a guaranteed SLA (Service Level Agreement) for both speed & uptime, meaning EFM is a viable solution for passing both voice & data. With an EFM circuit, you can be assured of a 1:1 contention ratio and normally a minimum guaranteed upload of 10mg speed.

Keep Your Business Costs Down With (Ethernet First Mile)

✓  Service – Your business can choose from up to 10-20mg speeds, with B4BC we supply an automatic fail-safe without service interruption. You will be up & running with no downtime. Ethernet first mile connections give your business the reliable upload & download speeds needed for SIP & VoIP solutions.

✓ Bandwidth – Your own private connection circuit which is not compromised by other business premises, get up to 10-20mg upstream & downstream, which is very effective for SIP & VoIP solutions.

✓ Support – With all of our business services we offer a great level of support & maintenance in the event that something does arise.

✓ Pricing – Great simple cost effective pricing structures that keep your business connected with guaranteed upstream & downstream with no downtime.

✓ Reliability – Symmetrical speeds of up to 20mg

Why Choose Best 4 Business Communications For (Ethernet First Mile)

 Voted best telecoms company for 2015
 Recognised by Comms Business & Comms Nationals
Recognised customer service & cloud solutions for 2019 & 2020
 We work with, BT, Virgin Media to provide the best solutions

Want To Find Out More On (Ethernet First Mile) Connections

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