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Generic Ethernet Access

What Is GEA Connectivity?

Generic Ethernet Access uses standard broadband infrastructure but incorporates Ethernet network protocol in order to provide a simple, cost-effective & fully reliable Ethernet.

Why Choose B4BC For GEA Connectivity

Voted Reseller of the year for 2015
Shortlisted again for Reseller of the year for 2016
We work closely with BT Whole & BT Openreach
We work with leading telephony partners
We have engineers across the UK
We have been in the comms arena for over 10 years
We work with large, medium or small businesses


Very similar to FTTC, Generic Ethernet Access can use existing copper wiring infrastructure from the cabinet to the exchange all the way to your business’s premises. Where FTTC provides transmissions of packets between users via Ethernet network, GEA provides more dedicated symmetrical speeds of services. In most cases, this is at minimal installation costs with very small lead times. It will dependent on the situation which solution will benefit your businesses, GEA is more cost-effective, FTTC incorporates higher speeds.

How Stable Is A GEA Connection

GEA is supported by a very effective, comprehensive (Service Level Agreement), you can even provide a back up Ethernet solution, which in most cases can provide 9 businesses hour return to service in the event of a transmission circuit cut failure.

Benefits Of GEA Connectivity

✓ Symmetrical speeds can be used for cloud & VoIP
Options for 2, 5, 10, 15 & 20Mbps
Short lead times, get it installed within 18 days
Cut costs, GEA can use existing copper infrastructure
✓ SLA agreements, with backup continuity options
Supports, cloud VoIP & Virtual Private Networks (VPN’S)
✓ GEA is considered an uncontended connection

Use With Compromise
Use Existing Copper
transport10 (1)
Symmetrical Speeds

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