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Telephone System Fraud Monitoring Service

Telephone Fraud Protection Service

Best 4 Business can help you with phone system fraud monitoring, if you are worried that your business might be subject to telephony fraud, give us a call, fraud costs the industry over £1 billion a year, don’t get caught out.

Telephone System Fraud Is On The Rise, Stay Protected With Fraud Protection.

As from 1st April 2014, all B4BC customers will benefit from our new fraud protection service. Telephone fraud is continuing to increase year on year and now accounts for 2% of worldwide calls which is estimated at around £40 billion a year. Businesses are falling victim to hackers out to make money from unprotected telephone lines, and now more than ever it is essential for businesses to protect themselves. Without the necessary protection, businesses are leaving themselves vulnerable to fraudsters capable of running up phone bills worth thousands of pounds in just a few hours.

Phone System Fraud Protection – How It Works

B4BC will monitor your telephone lines and call traffic and let you know if there is any potential fraudulent activity, we are also able to restrict services which will limit your liability and potentially save you thousands of pounds in fraudulent calls. This new service only costs £2.49 per line, per month. Give us a call and protect your business, telephone system fraud is on the rise, DON’T GET CAUGHT OUT.

Want More Information On Telephone System Fraud Protection Service

If at any time you believe any of you telecommunication services are subject to fraud, or potentially at risk, then please contact the office and let us help you we are experts in telephone system fraud protection. Telephony fraud can be very costly for businesses.

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