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Traditional PBX Phone Systems For Business

What Is A PBX Phone System?

PBX defines Private Branch Exchange, this functions as private phone network used within any given business. The users of the Private Branch Exchange telephone system share a number of phone lines, this is for the use of making external telephone calls.

Solutions For PBX Phone Systems

Traditional PBX telephone systems
Hosted/ Virtual PBX phone systems
IP PBX phone systems
Hosted/ Virtual IP PBX phone systems

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PBX Telephone Systems For Small Business

As a small business, your phone systems should be able to grow as your business grows, you may wish to add more phone lines to the business. It is, therefore, a great idea for your business to choose the most effective solution for PBX phone systems. Multi-line PBX phone systems can provide your business with the best solutions to manage growth over the years. With an IP PBX phone system, it can do everything a traditional PBX telephone system can do, but much more. The IP PBX phone system is certainly the way forward.

NEC Business PBX Phone Systems

The NEC SL1100  PBX phone system is a great solution from NEC. This PBX phone system is great for energy & cost effectiveness & is easily scalable for growth & has a large list of features available.



Panasonic Hybrid PBX Phone Systems


The PANASONIC NS700  PBX phone system is also a good solution for PBX phone systems, this phone system is great for small businesses, it can manage 2-35 extensions & is very feature rich.


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