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BT Versatility Telephony Support

At Best 4 Business Communications we service & maintain a number of BT phone systems:

  • BT Quantum
  • BT Meridian
  • BT Versatility

BT Versatility Phone System Extra Works

  • Help with fax lines
  • V8 Feature phones
  • Dect phones
  • Maintenance & Repair
  • Phone system programming
  • Phone system troubleshooting
  • Cordless feature phones

Why Should You Upgrade Your BT Versatility?

BT themselves have already announced that they will no longer be supporting ISDN & analogue lines by 2025, this means your BT Versatility phone system will need to be switched for a cloud telephony solution. Many businesses in wake of this announcement have switched to Cloud, SIP & VoIP solutions, future-proof your business today & consider upgrading your BT Versatility phone system.

Features With The Cloud

A common question we receive is, “What should I upgrade too”. This really depends on the level of broadband service available to you in your area, cloud systems will be reliant on having a resilient broadband connection, a traditional PBX phone system does not rely on broadband stability. So this needs to be your 1st consideration when upgrading.

Call Recording

Auto Disaster recovery

Mobile Applications

Conference Bridging

Text Messaging