Radius Headset

- 2 Years Warranty
- Acoustic Shock Protection

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Radius 2200 Monaural Noise Cancelling Corded Headset

Radius 2200 Headset Features

✓ 2 years warranty
✓ Wideband Enabled
✓ 100% Compatibility
✓ Quick Disconnect System
✓ Anti-static shock protection
✓ Acoustic shock protection
✓ Surefit’ adjustable headband
✓ 270′ Rotation Microphone boom
✓ Strong and robust construction
✓ Noise Cancelling’ Microphone boom
✓ Bag, Clothing clip and headset hook
✓ Adjustable ratchet style Microphone boom

PLEASE NOTE: Bottom Lead Is NOT Included (Sold Separately).

Experience superb build and sound quality with our range of ‘Wideband Enabled’ Headsets. Built for use in various environments from heavy-use call centres to medium-use offices, there is a headset solution to meet every organisational requirement.

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