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7 Reasons Why Your Business Should Consider VoIP

October 20, 2015

VoIP PBX Considerations

VoIP refers to (Voice-Over-Internet-Protocol). VoIP is a group of technologies for the delivery of communications, which can include multimedia sessions over the internet protocol. There are other terms commonly used to reference VoIP, i.e. internet telephony, broadband telephony service, and or broadband telephone solutions.

VoIP PBX Handsets





Considerations Why Move Your Business To VoIP PBX

Business Continuity

A VoIP PBX allows businesses to incorporate continuity options, in the case of disastrous events such as fires or floods, your call data and information is stored safely, not to mention your phones are hosted outside of the premises, meaning you will still have functioning phones. Calls incoming to the business can be transferred to an alternative number, for example, you might have business mobiles, again providing your business with a complete business continuity plan in the event that problems occur.

Remote & Flexible Work Opportunities

The concept of remote working is an ever growing factor for businesses however, employees do still need to remain contactable and connected to the organisation’s phone system. With VoIP PBX phone systems, your employees can be allocated a virtual phone number,  all calls will then be forwarded to the employee’s phone and they’ll appear as they are sitting in the office.

✓ Scalability Benefits

Businesses naturally grow and shrink as the years go by, VoIP PBX systems function on a per seat basis. You can speedily add or remove new people to the telephone system as when meaning your telephony can scale up or down as your business sees fit.

✓ Capital Saving

When it comes to internal calls/ (peer to peer) they can be very costly, however, what can be more detrimental to a business is ineffective communication systems. VoIP PBX systems negate the need for paying for internal calls meaning whether you are in the same building or a different office, you are able to call your peer at no cost.

✓ Great Audio Quality

Cloud telephony will use up much more bandwidth compared to a traditional telephone system, but cloud telephony delivers better audio quality, known as HD telephony. VoIP PBX systems give your business HD sound quality which is unrivalled.

✓ Easy To Upgrade

There is no need to pay anyone to upgrade your telephone system when you have a VoIP PBX. Upgrades are taken place within the cloud and are free. Your business does not need to worry about upgrading telephony.

✓ Conferencing Options

VoIP PBX can use collaborative features, allowing your business to hold conferences with clients or internal staff without having them in the same room. Of course, this can negate the need in some cases to travel to other premises for meetings, which can help improve productivity and save costs in the long run.

VoIP PBX Features

Call Recording

Text Messaging

Auto Disaster Recovery

Mobile Applications

Conference Bridging

Voicemail To Email