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Another BT Business Price Increase 2018!

December 8, 2017

Another BT Business Price Increase

BT has just announced that they WILL be increasing their business prices again, you can expect to see a large percentage increase across many BT services. If you act within 30 days of receiving the notification, you can come out of the contract, penalty free!

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You Have 30 Days To Act!

This is indeed bad news, the good news is that you have 30 days to combat the price increase. In most cases, you are able to review how these prices will affect your business & come out of contract, whilst seeking better prices from another provider.

Act Fast & Speak To An Adviser

To learn how your business can prevent the BT price increase, speak to an adviser today. B4BC is an award-winning business, providing award-winning business telecommunication solutions.

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BT Business  Facts

Did you know that BT business has increased their prices 4 times over the past 18 months? Many business owners choose BT business product based on costs, however as shown in the bast 18 months, BT will most likely increase their prices. BT business is also renown as the wooden spoon provider, which is an award for missing selling products. If you need help with telecoms for your business, be sure to have a look into BT business facts before you sign up.

BT Feature Line Vs B4BC Cloud

✓ For a basic feature line from BT prices start at £27.50 per month.

✓ For the B4BC cloud phone, prices start at £9.99 per month, included is a phone line, handset, free maintenance & support, & many features.

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BT’s Prices 12 Months

Line Type Period Before price increase After price increase
Value phone line 12 Months £18.90 £20.00
Standard line 12 Months £23.70 £24.60
Feature line 12 Months £26.40 £27.50

B4BC Prices 12 Months

Description Period
Value phone line £12.00 per month
Standard line £14.00 per month
Feature line £18.00 per month
Cloud Phone £21.99 per month