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Approved SpliceCom Installer & Maintainers

October 6, 2010

Best 4 Business Specialize In SpliceCom Installation & Maintenance


Telephony SpliceCom Installation & Maintenance

Best 4 Business Communications successfully qualified  as an accredited SpliceCom Installer completing the SpliceCom Installation Engineer 3 day course. We install the Maximiser based solutions including the;

  • The 5108 Call Server
  • The 5100 Call Server
  • The 5300 Phone Module

SpliceCom Handsets Installation

  • PCS580 IP Handsetcomms-business-awards
  • PCS570 IP Handset
  • PCS560 IP Handset
  • PCS410 IP Handset
  • PCS100 IP Handset
  • PCS60 and the PCS50 IP Softphones
  • PCS520 Analogue Handset
  • PCS505 Handset

Benefits Of SpliceCom Installation & Maintenance

✓ Improve productivity, SpliceCom solutions help businesses Unify their communications into a simple controllable infrastructure.
✓ Futureproof your comms, SpliceCom solutions can protect your business from changes in technology or telephony.
✓ Simplify, SpliceCom systems are easy & simple to manage & assess.

splice 3splice 1splice 2

   PCS 553G IP Handset         PCS 582GX IP Handset           PCS 553G IP Handset

splice 6splice 5 splice 4

PCS 542 IP Handset              PCS 582GX IP Handset           PCS 553G IP Handset

For More Information On SpliceCom Installation & Maintenance

Get in touch with us today if you would like to discuss SpliceCom installation & maintenance, we are approved SpliceComs installers, give us a call on 03333 66 33 33 or Contact Us. To view full range of Business Telephone Systems.