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Benefits of Migrating to a VoIP Telephone System

January 6, 2020

Top benefits of moving to a VoIP telephone system

Did you know that by the year 2025, the BT communication company will have all of its ISDN services completely phased out? If you are a business that operates in the UK, now is the best time to consider migrating telephony services to VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol.

VoIP is not a new technology, as it has been in existence for many decades and has been utilised by multiple enterprise corporations since at least the 1990s. However, as with most types of technology, it has become much more advanced and a lot more accessible to businesses of all sizes as the prices have dropped since it was first introduced. In fact, many consumers now have access to VoIP for residential telephony services.

VoIP is simply a hosted telephony service that uses a digital signal to transmit voice communications over the users existing high-speed internet connection. Thanks to the advanced fibre-optic infrastructure that most internet communications are transmitted through these days, this cloud telephony service is miles ahead of the traditional ISDN technology of days past. Believe it or not, ISDN has not shown any major advancement since it was first introduced, and its limitations have been solidified by the fact that it requires a dedicated line over which voice communications are transmitted.

Cloud-based VoIP telephony service can use any broadband internet connection as its mode of transmission, offering both increased flexibility and lowered costs. In fact, one of the major benefits of cloud telephony is its elasticity, or the ability of it to be quickly scaled up or down to meet your business demands in real-time. You may have heard of cloud computing before, as the majority of users employ these services to host a wide variety of their technology needs, including e-mail and storage. Hosted telephony also provides you with a much more resilient solution for your communications needs because it is not dependent on a dedicated line, but rather a network that is connected entirely through the worldwide web.

Another great feature of cloud telephony service is that it eliminates the costs associated with ISDN, cellular, and landline services since it is entirely internet-based and provides you with the ability to make free calls across the globe. You will also retain more control over your telephony system because you will be able to access and manage it from anywhere. The resilience of the cloud means that you have access to all phone numbers and call records associated with your company without having to worry about system failures due to natural disasters or other interruptions that traditional ISDN and landline communications may be affected.

If you have been searching for a better solution for your business telephony needs, we invite you to contact our award-winning team! We would love to discuss the benefits of hosted telephony services with you. We look forward to assessing your needs and offering you a cost-saving, reliable cloud telephony solution to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently.

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