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Best Business Mobile SIM-Only Deals

December 18, 2020

Whichever sector you’re in, you’re likely to rely on your phone when out of the office. So choosing the right mobile option for your business, is a very important decision. With remote working being more relevant than ever, it’s essential to have the best tools in place, to ensure your business efficiency.

You can choose between Business Mobile SIM-Only Deals, or Pay Monthly Mobile Phone Contracts. SIM-Only Contracts have now become a very popular choice for business mobiles. Lengthy, fixed phone contracts are no longer as appealing as a simple SIM card, providing flexibility.

Business Mobile SIM-Only Deals

What is a SIM-Only Contract?

With a SIM-Only contract, you will get the minutes, texts and data you need. If you opted for a SIM-Only contract, you would receive only the SIM card but no handset. This is the perfect option if you already have business mobiles for your employees who are working fine, yet you are looking to upgrade their monthly tariff.

You pay monthly for a SIM contract, just like the opposing Pay Monthly Phone Contracts. However, the monthly fees will be a lot more affordable, as you are not paying for the handset alongside the tariff.

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The differences between Business Mobile SIM-Only Deals and Pay Monthly Contracts

The main difference between the two contract types is what you will receive. As you know, SIM-Only is what is says on the tin – You only get a SIM card. Whereas in a Pay Monthly Contract, you’ll receive your chosen handset and a SIM card of the network you have made the agreement with.

If your employees already have working phones, why purchase new expensive handsets just to get more minutes, texts or data? Choose the more affordable option, SIM-Only Contracts, and insert the new SIM cards into your employees existing mobiles. Your monthly business expenses will be much lower when choosing the SIM-Only route as you’re only paying for what you need.

You’ll also have the freedom to upgrade your team’s mobile phones whenever you wish. With a Pay Monthly Mobile Contract, you have limitations of when you can upgrade your device. However, with a SIM-Only Contract, you are free to get a new phone whenever, and you can easily take your SIM with you.

With a Pay Monthly Contract, your mobile phone is likely to be locked to the network in which your SIM card is registered. This means that when your contract ends, you will not be able to switch to another network, as your device will not support a SIM card registered to a different provider. Meaning if your team now need more monthly data, which is cheaper elsewhere, you will unfortunately not be able to get that deal.

Choosing a SIM-Only Plan gives your business the freedom to switch networks when necessary, as you’re not locked to a specific provider. This flexibility allows you to get the right contract for each of your employees, based on what they need individually. Saving you money and also increasing your business productivity, as everyone will have the tools they need to work as efficiently as possible on their mobiles.

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Business Mobile SIM-Only Deals

What are the benefits of Business Mobile SIM-Only Deals?

Choosing a SIM-Only Contract could reap rewards for your business. This cost-effective solution will provide flexibility for remote work. You can also keep your existing handsets and regularly switch to upgraded plans.

Business Mobile SIM-Only Deals are often fairly short agreements. You can choose between 12 months or 24 months as a standard. However, you do have the option to change your plan 3 months into your contract with many providers.

Do you often upgrade your business mobiles, but want to keep your company phone number? With a SIM-Only Contract, there is no hassle of transferring your existing numbers. Simply swap the SIM card from your old device, insert it into the new phone, and you’re ready to go! Your customers and clients will have no issue of contacting you when you change handsets.

Maybe your Pay Monthly Contracts are due to end soon and you’re unsure on the next best device. With a SIM-Only Contract, you are able to wait for the latest, most suitable handsets to be available. Then simply insert your SIM card and you’ll be up and running in no time.

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How 5G Will Benefit Businesses

The Benefits of 5G for Business and IT Teams

​5G is much faster than previous generation networks – up to 100 times faster than existing 4G networks with speeds as fast as 10Gb/s. 5G will also have much lower latency, which means fewer delays for your business.

5G connectivity enables businesses to take advantage of the improved speeds, latency, efficiency and coverage. Also, the use of 5G network and IoT systems can become the foundation of greater business use of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Find out more how 5G will benefit your business here.

There are many different options when it comes to buying a 5G plan for your business. Our SIM-Only plans come with unlimited 5G data, texts and minutes.

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Mobile Solutions for your Business

As leading business SIM-Only card providers, we understand that the future is all about new technologies like ultra-fast unlimited 5G data, e-SIMs and M2M (machine to machine).

The other option SIM-Only Contracts provide is Dual-SIM. Many smartphones now have the Dual-SIM feature, allowing you to use two SIM cards on one device. Do you want to double up using your personal mobile as your business phone as well? No problem! Choose two different plans to suit your personal and business needs, then manage both from one device.

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Why choose Best 4 Business Communications?

We are partnered with the leading UK network providers, O2 and Vodafone, to ensure businesses have a reliable and secure mobile connection.

For 15 years, we’ve been providing multi-award-winning services and support for small and large businesses, in a range of sectors. A dedicated account manager will help you choose the perfect plan and tailor it to your business needs.

Customer loyalty and satisfaction is incredibly important to us and we strive to provide high-quality service and support 24-7.

✅ We offer a range of business SIM-Only mobile plans
✅ Reliable and affordable business mobile solutions
✅ We can tailor our mobile solutions for your business
✅ Dedicated account manager and UK-based support team.

We will help you choose the right mobile solution for your business, including unlimited 5G data to get your business mobiles working faster, smarter and more cost-efficient. Discover our latest SIM-Only Plans and Pay Monthly Mobile Phone Contracts dedicated for business. Contact us today for advice on the right option for you.

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