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Best Small Office Phone Systems

December 10, 2020

small office phone systems
Having the best office phone systems can improve your business communications significantly, and result in a large return on investment. Whether you are based in a small office or larger scale centre, seamless communications are essential to ensuring your company runs efficiently.

Due to the ISDN Switch Off in 2025, many businesses are moving towards Hosted Phone Systems. Unlike traditional phone lines, a Hosted Phone System uses the cloud to conduct all communications. All instant messages, voice and video calls are transmitted through the Internet. Due to this, the only form of physical hardware needed in your office is the phones.

small office phone systems

Features of Hosted Phone Systems for Offices

Our VoIP Phone Systems provide businesses with an all-in-one platform to chat, call, video conference, data transfer and much more. With the accessibility provided by a cloud-based system, your team can collaborate when working in the office, or remotely.

Not only does our VoIP solution provide seamless communication within your company, but it also allows you to connect with customers and clients, wherever they are located.

Here is a selection of some of the systems key features:

✅ HD Video Calls — Alongside instant messaging and voice calls, our multi-award-winning system also provides businesses with high-quality video conferencing. You can seamlessly connect with customers, or staff, from any location.

✅ Voicemail-to-Email — Do you keep missing important calls from your customers? Imagine having all your missed calls and voicemails collated in your email inbox—ready for you to listen to instantly and quickly return the call.

✅ Call Queuing — When your customers are trying to reach you and keep hitting the engaged tone, they’re less likely to call back. There’s no need to leave your customers feeling frustrated that they can’t reach you anymore. With our Hosted Phone Systems, you can set up call queuing. This means that when a customer calls, an automated message will inform them which number in the queue they are, giving them an estimate of their wait time.

✅ Music-on-Hold — You can set up on-hold music or marketing messages to play to your customers while waiting on the line, making their overall experience with your brand more pleasant.

✅ Screen-Sharing and File Transfer — It’s easier than ever to collaborate with our telecommunications systems. You can share your screen, and files, in just a few simple clicks.

✅ Auto-Attendant — The system allows you to set up an auto-attendant, which can help organise your calls. For example, you can ask your customers to “Press 1 to speak to a receptionist” or “Press 2 to speak to sales”. This is a great time-saving tool to achieve a quicker call resolve time.

✅ Mobile App — A huge benefit of our cloud-based systems for offices is a mobile app. All VoIP features that you can access via your physical office phone or computer can also be accessed via your mobile. Meaning you can work anywhere, at any time, without having to take expensive hardware to various locations.

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Flexible Office Phone Systems for Business Growth

With the current Covid-19 restrictions, it’s essential to have a communications system in place that ensures business continuity inside, and outside of the office.

Our VoIP Phone Systems provide a range of tools ideal for remote working. Employees can communicate effectively via their laptops, tablets and smartphones, as they can connect directly to the office telephone system. No software installation is needed! You can access the communications system straight from a web browser or app.

With a traditional PBX, you will have a set number of lines available, which limits the number of calls you can take at one time. Our hosted office phone system is widely scalable. It allows you to take a large number of calls at one time. You can also assign each employee their direct dial, making it easier for customers to contact the staff member or department they need directly.

If you are planning to expand your business in the next few years, you don’t want to keep changing your phone system to handle the increasing number of users. Upgrading to a hosted phone system that supports a large number of employees will be a cost-effective and future-proof solution.

The BT ISDN Switch Off – Easy Migration From ISDN to VoIP

Prepare for the ISDN Switch Off

There’s a target date of 2025 to switch off the ISDN network. This means that all businesses need to be using digital voice services by then.

You don’t want to leave it until the last minute and have your connection to your customers cut. Be prepared for the switch off by upgrading to a SIP or VoIP system ahead of time.

There’s no reason not to begin planning the future of your business communications. Take advantage of this opportunity as soon as possible! Start reaping the benefits of modern communications technology in your office.

Learn more about what the ISDN Switch Off means for the future of business communications.

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Office Phone Systems We Provide

Depending on the number of employees and what the phone system will be used for will effect which phone system is needed. We provide businesses in a range of sectors with a variety of office phone systems based on their needs. At Best 4 Business Communications, we will tailor a phone system ideal for your office.

small office phone systems

You could choose a useful cordless option for the staff who are on their feet often, or a collaboration system employees can access from any device.

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Why choose Best 4 Business Communications for your Office Phone System?

Since 2005, Best 4 Business Communications has been delivering multi-award-winning communications services to SME businesses, in a range of sectors. We pride ourselves in helping business find the best communications system for their needs.

Our seamless working solutions, use the latest cloud technology to integrate collaboration and communication. Not only that – We also provide dedicated support and maintenance to keep your business connected 365 days a year.

Best 4 Business Communications is the go-to company for integrated, efficient and secure communications. We will identify your short and long term communication needs to ensure that you choose a solution which supports all the features your business requires.

Get in touch to discuss office phone systems with one of our telecoms specialists.