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BT ISDN Switch Off! Time To Switch To VoIP

November 3, 2015


Gavin Patterson, The BT Group CEO, stated that BT does intend to migrate all of its customers to the VoIP network by 2025. There has always been much speculation into when the industry will see BT switch off the PSTN & ISDN lines, there has never been a set date until NOW.

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How Does This Affect Me?

So what does this mean? It means your business will not be supported moving forward from 2025. It means you now need to start considering VoIP & Cloud telephony solutions. It means it’s time to review your current phone system set-up, your current Panasonic & NEC phone systems are going to be affected. It means it’s time to future proof your business today!

What Can I Do Now?

You can review your broadband in order to prepare for the migration, if your broadband is strong enough you can start to set-up VoIP systems for your business. If however your broadband is not resilient, then consider upgrading, as for successful VoIP/ Cloud implementation your business needs strong resilient broadband. All businesses should be looking at VoIP now, future proof your business phone system and avoid getting caught out when ISDN is terminated. CHECK NOW

Countdown To The ISDN Switch Off (BT) – Future Proof Your Business 

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