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Choosing Cloud Telephony Systems

October 6, 2015

What Are Cloud Telephony Systems?

Cloud Telephony solutions are virtually hosted telephony systems. Cloud telephony systems do not require hardware to help route calls, unlike with traditional business phone systems, Cloud telephony systems do not need dedicated hardware for the installation at your business premises. Cloud Telephony Systems

Benefits Of Cloud Telephony Systems?

✓ Cost Effectiveness

With cloud telephony systems, there tends to be no lock in long term contracts. Cloud telephony systems also negate the need for any expensive hardware. In some cases your business is able to operate on a month by month contract. Cloud telephony systems will incorporate lower set-up costs vs premises based telephone systems. Which in the long run will amount to noticeable savings, an important factor for growing and start-up businesses.

✓ Flexibility & Mobility

Choosing cloud telephony systems, grants you access to a full set of phone system functionalities and features, wherever your business has an connection to the internet you will have access. Cloud systems are able to:

Change the answering rules
Access to voicemail and fax messages
View detailed call activity

You get theses benefits without consideration to your location. Which of course is a great factor for businesses who are mobile and always on the road.

✓ Time for initial set-up

With traditional business telephone systems (physical), it can take as long as a week to get set-up. With implications such as wiring and feasibility tests being competent to successful installation. In some cases with cloud telephony systems, your cloud solution can be up and running within less than a day, in some cases less than a hour. For busy start-ups of course this poses a great benefit, being set-up for cloud solutions in under 24 hours.


The number of calls your business receives can grow and shrink within a short period of time without warning. If you’re a growing business, then naturally the number of calls you receive per day will increase. Growth within business is easily contained with cloud telephony systems. Scaling up infrastructure does not require more hardware with recurring cost in terms of on-site space and maintenance for your business.

More Information On Cloud Telephony Systems

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