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Computer Telephony Integration In Business

December 2, 2015

Computer Telephony Integration For Business (CTI)

Computer telephone integration uses a set of technologies which will allow your business to incorporate telephony into any PC device. Computer telephony integration solutions allow your business to incorporate, click to dial, which is proven to improve efficiency by 70%, with proven results within many industries.

With computer telephony integration, you can use PC devices to make and receive calls, computer telephony integration commonly used within the call centre industry.

How Computer Telephony Integration For Business

Without the use of computer telephony integration, call agents tend to spend 6% of their finding customer’s information, in fact, call handlers can take 10% scrolling through screens along with another 10-15% on post-call wrap-up. With computer telephony integration, you can manage that 30% of each call much more effectively, saving time which can be diverted into other tasks. Computer telephony integration works well in all industries, whether your business has a team of sales account managers, or have a group of IT desk based support agents, computer telephony integration streamlines all the information together making it easier for the end user, giving the agent better tools to do their job will have positive impacts on the businesses productivity.

Increase Productivity

If for example, you have a large call centre with around 1000 call agents working a 7 hour day. With B4BC computer telephony integration, there would be an average 1 minute of savings per call made, that’s nearly 17 hours a day saved! In just one day, they can make over 2,000 more calls – an increase of 20%.

Solutions For Computer Telephony Integration From Us

Here at Best 4 Business Communications, we provide a number of the most effective solutions to help businesses of all sizes with telephony integration. Inter coordinate your computer and telephony today.

More Reasons To Use Computer Telephony Integration For Business (CTI)

✓ Deliver the most effective solutions for customer service & experience
✓ Make the most of your phone system & telephony
✓ Call logging for analysis purposes
✓ One click to call
 Log missed calls for analysis purposes
 Customize and enhance your business telecommunications
✓ Make use of instant messaging features
✓ Make use of call history data for analysis purposes
✓ Use your computer as an extension if needed

Want More Information On Computer Telephony Integration For Business?

Speak to an expert today to learn how your business can take advantage of computer telephony integration. Best 4 Business Communications is an award-winning business with award-winning solutions, we can cater to all requirements, Contact Us.