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Digital Phone Systems Vs Analog Phone Systems

January 21, 2016

What is a digital phone system?

A digital phone system works by routeing call traffic over IP (Internet Protocol), you would then use an IP phone/ handset. Digital phone systems use the (Internet Protocol) to send & receive voice communications.

What is an analog phone system?

This is the most commonly incorporated type of system, analog phone systems use POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) networks. For example, an NEC SL1100 phone system running over a traditional ISDN or analog line.

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What are the key differences between Digital vs Analog phone systems?

✓ Analog Systems

Analog phone systems have been around for many years, they are extremely reliable & traditional. Analog systems have supported businesses for decades, analog, is built on a copper line with POTS. When it comes to voice quality analog solutions are extremely effective & even incorporate basic features such as, on hold, redial, speed dial & mute.

✓ Digital Systems

Where digital phone systems are concerned they are much more modern. Digital phone systems are designed to incorporate a vast amount of features & capabilities. Digital runs through VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), a digital system can incorporate features such as music on hold, VoIP integration & API integration.

What Solution Should Businesses Choose?

Small businesses will want to save capital, we would recommend small businesses to implement a digital phone system as they are extremely cost effective. Negate the need for line rental & route call traffic across your broadband service. We would, however, suggest that all small businesses that are interested in moving to digital phone systems ensure that their broadband service is reliable, digital systems are broadband hungry & heavily rely on a stable connection, we would only suggest moving to digital/ VoIP if your broadband is strong & reliable. If Fibre to the cabinet is not available in your area & you have a poor connection, we would suggest that your business implements a cost-effective PBX system or a SIP solution.

✓ Final Things To Consider

NEC SL1100 phone systems are great for being cost effective as are Panasonic NS700 systems. VoIP is the future of telephony especially since BT will no longer support ISDN & analogue lines in 2025. This means all businesses will need to go digital i.e. VoIP or SIP. At some point, you will need to make the switch towards digital!

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