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What Is A Hosted Telephone System Solution?

September 6, 2016

What Is A Hosted Telephone System?

A hosted telephone system is simply a PBX that delivers a telephony service virtually. The hosted PBX system makes both internal & external telephone functionality available, however, it will no longer be a physical system which is installed at the client’s site. Instead, telephone service is made available on the network: i.e. hosted virtually in the cloud. There is no need for telephone system hardware to be installed on the customer’s premises, however, the customer remains able to make use telephony features: i.e. as a virtual telephone system. Hosted PBX phone systems are operated through computer centres of the providers. A hosted telephone system allows businesses to free up capital expenditure, which is usually used up in traditional PBX phone systems.

Hosted Telephone Systems From B4BC





Benefits Of Hosted Telephone Systems From Best 4 Business

Feature Rich
cloud189 (1)
Flexibility Options
Future Proof 

Hosted Telephone System Features

 Faxing shield116
 Auto Attendants
 Conference Calling
 Call Auditing
 Call Logs

Benefits Of A Hosted Telephone System

Initial Cost Savings – No large upfront call55
 Ongoing Cost Saving – No cost for maintenance & lines.
 Locational Flexibility – Plug & play like telephony.
 Scalability – Add users when you choose.
 Quick Setup – Very little lead time.
 Ease Of Use – Very simple to use.

Hosted Telephone System From B4BC





Why Choose B4BC Hosted Phone Systems

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Hosted Telephone System Features

Call Recording

Text Messaging

Auto Disaster Recovery

Mobile Applications

Conference Bridging

Voicemail To Email

More Reasons To Choose Hosted Phone Systems

✓ The customer no longer requires expensive hardware. It is, therefore, possible to save on the associated installation, operation and maintenance costs for traditional phone systems.
✓ Hosted virtual telephone systems are very scalable & flexible, there is no need for investment costs to arise at the outset. If the client does grow, then the telephone system can simply be scaled with it.
The Hosted PBX service also enables new application services. This can be achieved through the merging the data services and telephone services as well as the consistent use of Voice-over-IP services.

What Business Telephone System Do You Need?

Hosted Phone Systems

Traditional Phone Systems

Unsure What Phone System

Learn More On Hosted Phone Systems

To find out more about how hosted phone systems can benefit your business, Contact Us & speak to an in-house account manager, we are award winning in providing hosted telephony services.