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How a VoIP Call Recording System Can Help Your Business

November 12, 2021

call recording system

Most companies are constantly looking for ways to increase their sales, improve their customer service, and overall, enhance their business. One business call management tool that can be viewed as simply a legal requirement for some industries is call recording. However, a call recording system can help your business in many ways.

A business call recording system is a powerful tool. It can give you an insight into both your customers and your own organisation. From training purposes, to dispute resolution, implementing call recording into your business plan can be a highly effective strategy.

What Is Call Recording?

Call recording is a process of capturing an audio conversion, and then encrypting and storing the data. This software can be an on-premise or Cloud based solution. Our Cloud based call recording system offers more flexibility and scalability, with an easy-to-use user interface and call analytics dashboard.

Spoken details are available to recall with the click of a button. Which allows businesses to resolve any disputes raised by customers, or to train and improve the customer service being provided by the team.

It can be challenging to record your business telephone calls without the right tools. Our VoIPSure telephone system allows you to effortlessly switch on secure and reliable call recording functions.

Is Call Recording Legal In The UK?

The short answer is, yes. Some companies in specific industries are legally required to record their calls for compliance purposes. However, as customer privacy and data protection is being demanded more and more in recent years, many businesses are unsure of the compliance rules surrounding call recording.

There are many different rules in place to ensure your call recording is compliant. For example, customers should be made aware that their call is being recorded, and be able to request a copy of the call data.

Our VoIPSure call recording system is fully compliant with all global regulations, including GDPR. With this system in place, you can ensure you have the right tools to protect your company and your customers.

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How Does Call Recording Work?

It is super easy to use our call recording system. Users can access the call recording software through their seamless dashboard at any time. To then listen, share and download each conversation as an audio file. All of the call information will be listed there for you to see, including the phone number, call duration, date and time.

Additionally, you can set preferences to automatically start recording calls, or do it manually only when it is required. You can have full control over your business’ call data through the simple performance dashboard.

Benefits of Call Recording

With a call recording software, you will be able to enhance your company communications in many ways. Continue reading to discover 5 ways in which call recording can help your business.

Improve Customer Service with Call Recording

By continually observing your customer calls, you will gain a better understanding of your customers needs. Any flaws within your customer service will become known as you will have the ability to replay each of your business telephone calls. You will learn the most common issues that frustrate your customers — whatever area of your business that may be — which will allow you improve these problems. Therefore resulting in happier customers.


call recording system


Call Recording for Training Purposes

In training sessions for both new and existing employees, your team will be able to listen to the best, and worst, conversations. Using real-life scenarios is the best preparation possible, as each call is related to your business products and services. This presents an opportunity for your team to learn the best practices and approach for each situation they may face.

Replay Call Recordings

Ever hung up a call and realised afterwards that you missed the most essential piece of information? This will never be a problem again with our call recording software. You will be able to return and listen back to every conversation, and note down those all important details the second time around.

Use Call Recordings to Improve Employee Performance

With our performance dashboard, you will have the ability to monitor all of your employees’ efficiency. You will have the ability to view AI-driven insights and analytics. Allowing you to better understand the positives and negatives of each employees performance. This will help you to improve your overall customer experience.

The smart AI tool can monitor voice and telephone manner, including phrases, voice pace, volume, pitch and tonality. You will have a full report on your agents interactions.

Call Recording for Dispute Resolution

In the rare case of a customer or client raising a dispute, call recording is an essential tool in resolving the issue. Recorded calls allow you to go back and review the conversation, from both sides of the customer and the agent. Allowing you to discover how the issue has escalated. Call recordings can be very helpful in these situations in the rare case that the issue leads to a legal dispute. As you will have an audio file as evidence to protect your business.


call recording system


Call Recording for Microsoft Teams

Since the Coronavirus pandemic forced business online, many businesses have turned to Microsoft Teams, with the softwares’ daily users increasing to 145 million in April 2021.

If your business uses Microsoft Teams to communicate, you can now add an enhanced voice solution with VoIPSure. With our applications’ seamless integration with Teams, you can use the user interface you are familiar with, but alongside all of the award-winning features that come with your VoIPSure license.

This includes the benefits of our call recording solution. You can record all Teams interactions with the same compliancy as when used in the native VoIPSure app. Whether Teams is used through a softphone on a computer, a desk phone or mobile device, all call recording features can be accessed easily.

How a VoIP Call Recording System Can Help Your Business

With the right call recording solution, you can transform your business communications. From quality control and training, to improving your customer experience, call recording allows to take full control of your customer-agent interactions.

Our team of telecoms specialists will help you find the best communication and call management system for your business needs. We have been providing companies across the UK with multi-award-winning telecoms solutions since 2005.

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