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How Your VoIP Phone System Can Help You Deliver Great Customer Service

June 7, 2021

How Your VoIP Phone System Can Help You Deliver Great Customer Service

Deliver great customer service with VoIP

The interactions that you have with your customers impacts their impression of your business greatly. Having a bad experience may drive away your customers, as they will have a negative image of your company. This is why it is essential to understand the importance of customer service.

As the digital world progresses, many businesses are focusing on social media interactions and website live chats. These methods of communication with your customers are important and very useful. However, it’s crucial to not dismiss the more traditional method of phone calls with your clients. Choosing an innovative VoIP phone system can help you deliver great customer service, and here’s how.

What are the benefits of a VoIP phone system for business?

The number of businesses using a VoIP telephone system is constantly increasing. Internet based telephony solutions provide a long list of benefits, which explains why they are leading the way in which we now communicate.

With a VoIP telephone system, your team will be able to communicate and collaborate on any device, from any location. VoIP helps to make your team more flexible. Remote working will no longer be an issue. Your employees will be able to work from home with the same, if not more, simplicity and productivity.

VoIP provides HD voice and video calls, and as it uses your Internet connection, it is a very reliable method of communication internally between your team, and externally to customers and clients. As well as higher call quality, you will also have access to features such as instant messaging, call queuing, voicemail-to-email, and much more.

What is VoIPSure?

VoIPSure is our complete communications platform that you can use from any web browser to chat, call, videoconference, share your screen and files with colleagues and customers. Our fully integrated solution can be used with a desk phone, a softphone on your computer, laptop or mobile app on your smartphone.

How Your VoIP Phone System Can Help You Deliver Great Customer Service

Our multi-award-winning innovative hosted communications platform, was designed to be intuitive and simple. From installation through to operation, business communications are effortless. We tailor our VoIPSure solution to meet businesses’ requirements in various sectors and sizes, as the system is built for the needs of small, medium and enterprise-level businesses.

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Features of VoIPSure

Available on PC, Mac, iOS and Android, VoIPSure Communicator applications can be set up quickly and easily. With over 50 features, our easy-to-use collaboration platform will instantly enhance your business productivity. The simplicity of the innovative user interface means that everyone will be able to use the software, no matter their previous experience with technology.

VoIPSure provides all the features that your company needs to transform your communications. You will be able to provide excellent customer service over the phone with our feature-rich telephony system.

Call Queuing

Don’t let your calls go unanswered. When all your lines are busy with calls, the call queuing feature places incoming calls in a line waiting until a member of your team is ready to answer. You can choose if you would prefer your callers to hear music-on-hold or important announcements while they wait. Your customers will have a much more positive experience with call queuing than if they were waiting in silence or cut off by the engaged tone.

Auto Attendant

An auto attendant will organise your call flow seamlessly and professionally without anyone having to pick up the phone. Callers will be provided with a list of options to discover their reason for calling. This is likely to improve your call resolve time greatly, as your customers will be automatically directed to the right department. Employees will be able to get straight to the point of the customer’s query. Instead of frustratingly re-routing the call to try and find the right member of staff.

CRM Integration

Deliver great customer service with our VoIP platform’s smart integrations. Connect your telephone system directly to your CRM to enhance your day-to-day tasks. All the features of our communication platform will be accessible through your CRM, just like the standalone applications. You will easily be able to dial out to a customer via their record, or instantly view all relevant information as you accept their call. This will allow you to provide an efficient approach.

HD Video Conferencing

Increase your team efficiency and stay connected to your clients. VoIPSure makes high definition voice and video calls accessible from any device. You will have the ability to invite your colleagues and customers to conferences from any location. A recent study showed that businesses find video meetings improve productivity by 50%.


Never miss a message from a customer again. When you receive a voicemail, our communication platform instantly sends the message as an MP3 file to your email inbox. But maybe you’re in an important meeting and can’t play the voicemail back yet. No problem — VoIPSure will also transcript the voice message so you can read the message, just as if it was a text email.

How Your VoIP Phone System Can Help You Deliver Great Customer Service

Improved Call Management

You may want to improve your customer service experience, but not know where to start. With VoIPSure, you will be able to monitor your teams performance by listening to call recordings. The playback features will enable you to understand the most common questions your clients have, and even the things they are not so happy about.

Having this clarity will allow you to narrow down what you need to improve. For example, if you were an online retailer and many customers were expressing their frustration that they can not find your delivery prices, updating your website so the page is easier to find help you to deliver great customer service.

Instant Messaging and Presence

Deliver great customer service with VoIP with VoIPSure’s instant messaging and presence tools. Allow your customers to directly message your team through your all-in-one communications system, keeping all of your conversations in one place. With a clear colleagues directory, you will also be able to see the status of every employee in real-time. Meaning if you need to transfer a call, you can see which of your team members are unavailable, and instantly transfer the call to a relevant employee who is free instead. This feature keeps your business communications well managed and under control, which is likely to result in a great customer experience.

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How does VoIPSure help deliver a great customer experience?

VoIPSure can be tailored to your business needs, meaning that all the tools you need to improve your business communications will be right there for you. With our feature-rich collaboration tool, your team will be more productive, due to a fast, reliable and more organised telephone system.

The increase in flexibility and mobility that VoIPSure brings will enhance your customers experience with your business. Our Communicator app is available on a range of devices, meaning whether your team are in the office, working from home, or even on-the-go, they will be able to communicate with ease. Your team will always be on hand to connect with your customers, which will therefore gain you their trust due to your reliability.

With our feature-rich VoIPSure communication solution, you will be able to improve your customers experience at each point of contact. From informative marketing-on-hold messages, to HD video conferences for demonstrations. Our VoIP platform will help you to deliver great customer service.

Enhance your business communications with VoIPSure

Our powerful desktop and mobile applications are specifically designed to enhance and simplify your business’ day-to-day communications experience. With VoIPSure remote working solution, your team can instantly make and receive calls, with all the efficiency and presence of being in the office.

How Your VoIP Phone System Can Help You Deliver Great Customer Service

Our smart, cloud-based voice, video and messaging tools can help your team serve clients anytime and anywhere. With an impressive list of features, our VoIPSure collaboration tool can make your telephony system an efficient machine. With all features accessible within a single, intuitive user interface, communicating with your customers has never been simpler.

Begin the migration to VoIPSure

You may have heard of the ISDN Switch Off which is due to take place in 2025. This is where all analogue lines will be switched off, meaning businesses will need to move to hosted communications solutions.

ISDN technology was revolutionary when it first came into use. However, in today’s digital world, copper lines have become outdated. New cloud based technologies are offering more advantages compared to traditional PBX systems.

Future-proof your business with VoIP. Leaving the switch too late means your phone lines will be switched off and your customers will be unable to reach you. By upgrading to VoIPSure now, you can relax knowing that you now have a telephone system for many coming years. As well as having peace of mind, your business will benefit from over 50 features that enhance the way you communicate and collaborate.

Empower your business with smart communications

VoIP Technology is continuing to advance, making it a brilliant investment for the future of your business. You will reap the long list of benefits of a cloud based system. With VoIPSure, you will have more than a simple telephone system. Video conferencing, voicemail-to-email and screen sharing are just a few of the possibilities that will increase your team productivity, and keep you connected to your customers.

Chose VoIPSure to provide your clients with excellent customer service. The better experience your customers have with you, the more loyal they will stay to your business.

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