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ISDN Or VoIP Systems? Which Should I Choose

November 5, 2015


This is perhaps the most common question within the telecoms industry, do you go with traditional solutions, for example (Integrated Service Digital Network) or does your business choose a VoIP solution, (Voice Over Internet Protocol).


Factors Traditional ISDN New VoIP Solutions
Costs With ISDN telephony, there is always going to be high rental costs for equipment. VoIP tends to have low rental costs for telephony equipment.
Faults In some cases ISDN telephony faults can take up to 72 hours to repair. With VoIP telephony, it can take up to 10 hours to fix the faults.
Numbering In some cases your business can be limited to 4-7 local numbers. VoIP has no limits, you can incorporate as many or as little as you want.


ISDN is very traditional, where phone lines are concerned, ISDN is commonly known as a, set of digital communication standards for transmission of voice & data, ISDN is the digital correspondence to VoIP. ISDN tends to use around 64 kilobytes of data per second for voice.

VoIP –

VoIP refers to (Voice Over Internet Protocol), this telephony solution is IP-based, hence we use the term VoIP. There is no need for line rental, as all calls are routed over the broadband service, however, with VoIP, you must have a stable resilient connection to support this platform, B4BC would suggest either FTTC,  EFM or Leased lines.

Cloud VoIP Telephone Systems





Benefits & Drawbacks Of ISDN Telephony Solutions

✓ ISDN has a strong track record, it is extremely traditional, it has been proven to have a reliable quality of service when it comes to voice calls.
✓ ISDN is very flexible, it can be incorporated within the old, or new state of the art telephony systems.

 With ISDN there is sometimes limited options to keep your inbound and outbound calls in service if for example, your system is unavailable.
One of the most common limitations of ISDN tends to be around the limited options for phone numbers, as they must be geographical.
 ISDN solutions do not allow your company to expand alongside your telephony, you will need to incorporate new solutions for new users.

ISDN & VoIP Business Telephone Systems

Benefits & Drawbacks Of VoIP Telephony Solutions

VoIP solutions can be very flexible when it comes to cost-saving, even if your business is looking to expand or move to a new office.
When it comes to VoIP all you need is a single network for both voice and data.
 VoIP can be very flexible when it comes to re-routing calls, or for example home working solutions.

With VoIP, the voice quality can be 100% reliant on your businesses quality of broadband.
 Investments into VoIP may require your business to upgrade your older phone system or buy a new system.

What Should I Choose? ISDN Or VoIP?

We have briefly compared the above telephony solutions VoIP & ISDN. Now logically speaking all businesses should be moving to VoIP, unfortunately, however, this is not the situation. The key factor to remember here is, VoIP 100% relies on your broadband efficiency, and for effective implementation, your broadband needs to be functioning sufficiently and resilient. Also bear in mind that there is a lack of sufficient hot spots for businesses in the UK, which in turn hinders some businesses from considering VoIP & SIP solutions.

Final Thoughts On ISDN & VoIP Telephony

We conclude that choosing between ISDN or VoIP will be dependent on your broadband connection. You could opt for the best of both if your business needed. Here at Best 4 Business Communications, we offer both ISDN & VoIP solutions.

What Are VoIP Telephones Systems?

VoIP telephone systems allow your business access all the features that traditional PBX phone system incorporates, this allows your phone system to grow alongside your business as new employees come, furthermore, VoIP telephone systems have no capital outlay on maintenance costs, it’s all included. All VoIP telephone systems give your business complete flexibility, you are able to manage calls from your telephone, laptop, desktop PC or even your business mobiles, never miss an important call again with VoIP telephone systems.

Why Choose VoIP Telephone Systems?

VoIP telephone systems are suitable for all businesses, they work especially well with small businesses with a limited budget. The low set-up costs & all inclusive maintenance costs of a VoIP telephone system, make it very appealing for growing businesses.VoIP telephone systems are also effective for disaster recovery, your data & information is held within a data centre, so you are protected in the event that any occurs within the business premises. Find Out More About VoIP Telephone Systems.

VoIP Phone Systems From Best 4 Business Communications

Best 4 Business Communications provides award winning recognised VoIP telephone systems for business, we have a range of VoIP phones to suit all businesses, whether your business prefers a softphone set-up or hard phone set-up, we can accommodate all solutions for you. We work closely with our telephony partners, Yealink & LG for all IP telephones & systems. Why not get in touch for your VoIP telephone systems inquiries, call us.