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Department Of Education Advises On Call Recording

February 17, 2016

(National Counter Terrorism Security) Advises Schools Academies

There has been an increase in the number of malicious hoax calls to schools & academies, in wake of these calls, the National Counter Terrorism Security Office advised schools to stay alert but not alarmed. Now the department of education has advised schools & academies to review their call recording systems & facilities where possible, make the necessary changes to ensure all calls are recorded in the future. This will help with managing the threat of possible future occurrences.

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What Is Call Recording?

Call recording solutions record in & outgoing calls made via telephone, this could be PSTN or VoIP, the calls are stored via a digital audio file. Call recording solutions are the most resilient & distinct form of call logging &tracking.

How Does This Protect My School?

In the unfortunate event that your school does receive hoax call bomb threats, your school is protected, the call is recorded & on file, for the authorities to appraise. The department of education is suggesting that school review their call recording systems & put something in place to that will protect all parties.

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Who Has Been Affected?


Bishop Gilpin Primary School
Ricards Lodge High School
Harris Academy Merton
Ursuline High School, Wimbledon


Bristnall Hall Academy
Sandwell City Academy
Perryfields High School
Oldbury Academy
Ace Academy
George Salter High School
Ormiston Academy
Handsworth Grammar School
St Paul’s Girls School
Harborne Academy
Windsor High School
Sandwell College
Shireland Collegiate Academy
Colley Lane Primary School

Benefits Of Call Recording

✓ Protect your establishment from hoax communications
Keep track of the call quality of your staff & the professionalism of the call
Call recording allows you to analyse calls which helps train staff
 Dispute & resolve situations where there is miscommunication
✓ Reduce the number of faults & errors
Help protect your staff from verbal abuse

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Call Recording From Panasonic

The integrated voice processing system has up to 128 hrs of recording time & 1024 mailboxes. It automates your phone system, it can integrate your email messages as wave file attachments, it improves service level by offering callers voice prompts, it offers a lot configuration for hundreds of service settings, as well as internal & external message delivery, group delivery as well as  automated attendant reducing misdirected calls