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Panasonic IP Softphone Makes The World Your Office.

November 22, 2010

Panasonic have added an IP Softphone to it’s ever growing VoIP portfolio. One of VoIP’s key advantages is that a telephone no longer has to be, or even look like, a traditional telephone. The reality is that just about any PC, laptop, or PDA can be turned into a telephone simply by adding softphone software.

Panasonic IP Softphone

The Panasonic IP Softphone appeals to several types of phone users, including:
• Office-based executives and managers: softphone technology allows a clutter-free desk as well as a telephone system that integrates with PC sales, brokerage, and other enterprise applications.
• Telecommuters: People who split their time between home and office can use a softphone to access the same phone services — and phone number — at both locations.
• Mobile professionals: When traveling locally, regionally, or globally, a softphone provides reliable phone service without the added cost and burden of a mobile phone. Internationally, it eliminates the need to worry about phone system service quality and device compatibility.

Yet another advantage of the Panasonic IP Softphone is that it can be cheaper to use than a regular telephone, since the technology requires no hardware beyond a network-connected PC or PDA. Phone rates can also be cheaper, thanks to streamlined VoIP service and the absence of most fixed line charges.

Softphones offer the same features as traditional standalone phones. In fact, most softphone programs offer more features than most standard telephones. Among the features available to softphone users are call forwarding, conference calling, Caller ID, and voice mail. A softphone can also integrate with PC and PDA e-mail applications, such as Microsoft Outlook, for easy address book access and automatic phone dialing. Some softphones also provide voice-based instant messaging capabilities. Additionally, many softphones support broadband links, allowing users to enjoy high-quality audio connections and to place video phone calls and conferences.

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