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Panasonic NS1000 Unified Communications System

July 11, 2012

In the current era Business Communications Servers should provide solutions to real world Business requirements, such as simplifying and improving communications, lowering costs and improving productivity, while flexibly adapting to the way the organisation works.

The Panasonic NS1000 Unified Communications System is designed to deliver these solutions, integrating hardware and software components in a modular way, allowing you to tailor a communications system to your specific needs.

The NS1000 is built on SIP and IP technologies, with powerful built-in Unified Collaboration and Communication components including desktop tools, voice messaging and an interactive voice response system which, partnering with a comprehensive range of terminals, accessories and applications software, ensures that systems can adapt to meet all the communication requirements of your business to support revenue growth.

NS1000 Network Communications Server

With best in class, high definition voice quality and on-demand capacity enhancements, the NS1000 is the core of a powerful VoIP communications solutions offering flexibility, simplicity and productivity.

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