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PBX vs Hosted Telephony Solutions

February 8, 2016

What Is Hosted Telephony?

In simple terms, hosted telephony refers to a telephone system that sits within the cloud rather than your business premises. Your business will be able to access the phone system through the use of a hosted IP phone or softphone. There is no line rental as calls are run through the broadband service eliminating the need to spend online charges.

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Benefits Of Choosing Hosted Telephony Systems With B4BC

✓ Where hosted telephony is concerned your business eliminates the need for traditional phone system maintenance or upgrades. Best 4 Business Communications are able to maintain the hardware, software & system upgrades. Also with hosted telephony, you get access to a full set of telephone system features.

✓ Lower you calling costs while improving voice quality, effective call management features/ solutions. Best 4 Business also gives you access to a smart application that allows you to twin your mobile to an office extension, Find Out More…

Full-scale management, a hosted telephone system gives you complete control. Access, control & monitor your businesses entire communications, this can be done across multiple business sites & countries. Your business can manage single users with access to an easy to navigate user interface.

Never miss a call again, With the Best 4 Business Communications mobile application your business will never miss a call, use your extension across multiple devices to make & receive calls when you are not at your desk.

Benefits Of Choosing Hosted Telephony With B4BC

No charge for calls between your offices
Save money 
Futureproof your telephony for the ISDN & Analogue switch off set for 2025
Improved crisp voice quality 
Choice of business continuity options/ disaster recovery
No need for traditional PBX phone system maintenance
Increase staff mobility with the B4BC mobile application
Very scalable add or remove users easily
Need to make changes? An office move? Instantly done for your business

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What Is PBX Telephony

Where PBX telephony is concerned, Private Branch Exchange. This is referred to as the private telephone network within any business. Businesses that use a PBX phone system will have to share a number of outside lines for making external phone calls. With the ISDN & Analog line switch off set for 2025, businesses will need to move away from traditional PBX telephony solutions & move to hosted telephony/ the cloud.

Learn More About Hosted Telephony For Business Today

Speak to an expert today to learn more about the benefits of hosted telephony solutions, we are an award winning company winner of the comms business award for the best reseller of the year for 2015. We understand hosted, we understand PBX, we understand telecommunications.