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The BT ISDN Switch Off – Easy Migration From ISDN to VoIP

August 28, 2020

The BT ISDN Switch Off – Easy Migration From ISDN to VoIP

Is your business ready for ISDN Switch Off?

What is the BT ISDN Switch Off?

What is the BT ISDN Switch Off and why is it important not to ignore it? The BT ISDN Switch Off is here, and it has been announced in 2015. From 2020 you will no longer be able to purchase ISDN lines with a target date of 2025 for a switch off date. With over 2 million UK’s businesses still running their telecoms on traditional ISDN telephone lines, these businesses are now wondering what their options are. Read on to understand why this is so important and how to get prepared for ISDN Switch Off.

What’s the ISDN line?

Is your businesses still make calls through the ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network)? ISDN was launched in 1986, marking a transition from land-line devices to digital, as it enables data and voice to be sent at the same time. At that moment, it was the ideal method for businesses that had to send data and voice simultaneously. But now, it is a perfect time for switching from ISDN to a modern, more reliable and affordable technology. We offer a wide range of solutions, and we are happy to explain how to future-proof your business with brand new telecoms.

The BT ISDN Switch Off – Easy Migration From ISDN to VoIP

Why are ISDN lines being phased out?

British Telecoms have shifted their focus from analogue systems to digital systems, and by 2025, they will focus on digital systems only. That means that by 2025, they would have entirely switched off the ISDN network, and migrate to digital voice services. British Telecoms do not supply ISDN services anymore, so new customers cannot request new ISDN collections (which started in 2020). For many years ISDN was a cutting edge technology; today, it has become outdated, and new technologies offer much more advantages than ISDN can offer.

The disadvantage of ISDN lines

ISDN lines are not flexible and can hardly be tailored to special business requirements. ISDN lines are expensive to maintain and have complicated hardware, as well as software. Also, it is expensive to maintain and involves setting up firewalls that could cost your business lots of money. ISDN lines are often out of your control, leaving you at the mercy of suppliers. You cannot quickly implement changes that suit your evolving business needs. Such instability could get you disconnected from your customers and other businesses. With our experience and expertise, we can help your business with a seamless transition from old fashioned ISDN telephony to modern VoIP phone system.

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The BT ISDN Switch Off – Easy Migration From ISDN to VoIP

What is replacing ISDN lines?

In simple terms, ISDN is migrating from digital to internet-based services called SIP and VoIP. In 2025 all the calls will be carried over your broadband – the Internet connection. It is the best time to invest in your business telephone system, especially when you compare the disadvantages of the ISDN to the benefits of modern technology like VoIP. Anyone left with ISDN service in 2023 will have a very limited set of options as to what they can do with them. We do recommend you to migrate your telephone system to VoIP phone system as soon as you can.

Do not ignore BT ISDN Switch Off! Although 2025 seems a long way off, it will come around quickly. You certainly do not want to be rushing around at the last minute trying to migrate ISDN to a new VoIP system or finding your business cut off altogether. Click here to read more about benefits of moving to VoIP telephony.

The key benefits of VoIP phone system

It’s clear that the VoIP benefits outweigh ISDN. The flexibility and cost-effectiveness alone make it with a second glance. VoIP reduces the upfront and monthly costs businesses by up to 60%. Unified communications are the way of the future, so it’s no surprise that VoIP is taking off like a rocket!

1. Cost savings – with our VoIP phone system any calls between your team – even international calls – are free.

2. Productivity – your teams can use your communication system remotely and flexibly, with access to your data and network whenever and wherever they need it.

3. Collaboration – our VoIP phone system integrates easily with other systems and helps teams collaborate through voice, video, web conferencing, instant messaging, and file & screen sharing, all directly from your web browser or a dedicated VoIP app.

4. Work mobility – switching to our VoIP phone system lets you use your main office phone number anywhere, anytime. It also facilitates remote working, hot-desking and prompt notifications across different platforms – thanks to powerful CRM integrations.

5. Security – fraud-proof and secure VoIP phone system dedicated to your business.

6. Flexibility and control – take full control and tweak it to meet your business needs. You can add and remove lines and make any modifications you desire.

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Best 4 Business Communications VoIP IP Phone Telephone System For Business Offices Cloud Phone Collaboration Remote Working Solution

Why you should switch to VoIP phone system now?

The message for businesses at this time should be to start planning, to look at their sites and identify where they still use ISDN services and begin to consider what to do about it. All businesses must upgrade their telephony connections before 2025. Don’t risk being cut off – we can help you migrate from ISDN to VoIP quickly and with no hassle.

Our VoIP phone system eliminates the costs of ISDN/PSTN, mobile and landline calls as VoIP platform provide all-in-one collaboration tools: instant messaging, voice calls, video conferencing, file & screen sharing, memo and fax messaging, SMS and more. Don’t let your business lines go blank at crucial times when the ISDN switches off. Start maximising the benefits of a modern connection as soon as possible.

Best 4 Business Communications VoIP IP Phone Telephone System For Business Offices Cloud Phone Collaboration Remote Working SolutionTry VoIP for free today and beat the BT ISDN Switch Off

It’s always best to have a knowledgeable advisor at hand to assist you with any significant decisions like choosing the right phone system for your business. You can book a free demo today with our telecoms expert and learn how our VoIP services can help grow your business. Discover our collaboration tools along with all the features that you help you work more effectively and efficiently from your home. We are happy to assist in any way we can to support your needs. We can be reached by telephone on 0333 366 3333, or you can e-mail us at, and we will be happy to assist you.