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How Toshiba leaving the telecoms market impacts your business.

July 24, 2019

In March 2016 one of the UK’s major telephone systems manufactures exited the telecoms market. This left any organisation with a Toshiba telephone system without any real manufacture support, development or additional licencing and parts availability.

So what does this mean if your business is still operating on a Toshiba system?

Overall, there is a significant lack of support, resources and hardware for all Toshiba systems. This means that if your business is still operating on a Toshiba system; issues can present major risks to your voice communications. If your telephone system suffers any problems or requires any changes, it could cause major disruption. Subsequently allowing your organization to have prolonged periods of downtime thus damaging efficiency, sales and communication of your business.

Where to go after Toshiba?

 At B4BC we believe having a single telecoms provider who can manage all your telecoms requests and requirements for you. We want to ensure you get the best telecom systems, at the best price that suits your business. If you are still using a Toshiba phone system we believe your best option is to contact us at B4BC so we can discuss the best option for you and your business.

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