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Why Upgrade Your Telephone System?

March 9, 2016

Why Upgrade Your Current Business Telephone System

There are so many solutions out there when it comes to telephone systems for business, it can sometimes be difficult for businesses to correctly assess the telecommunications market for an effective solution. With leading brands such as Panasonic, NEC, Samsung, Cisco, Avaya, LGYealink, it can be confusing. Whenever your business considers upgrading the telephone system ask yourself this question. Does the phone system meet your requirements/ expectations?

Upgrade To Cloud Business Telephone Systems From Best 4 Business





Upgrade Your Telephone System To One Of The Following

Signs You Need To Upgrade Your Telephone System

Due to the ever-changing nature of telephony & technology, both customer and business requirements are frequently evolving.

✓ Your business phone system is unable to grow alongside your business.
✓ Your business telephone system has a lack of features.
✓ Your enterprise has a system for each facility.
✓ Poor or crackly voice calls.
Can’t cope with large amounts of call volume.
Your telephone system is not compatible with VoIP.
 Your system will not support mobile telecommunications

Things To Consider For A Telephone System Upgrade

✓ How could your current phone system operate in the manner you would like it to.
✓ How can you improve the communications infrastructure in your business?
✓ Does your business require dect or desk based telephones?
✓ Could your business benefit from Cloud, VoIP & SIP future-proofed telephony.
✓ Is there any specific features that your business would like to take advantage of.
✓ If your current telephone system stopped functioning, is it covered by maintenance?
✓ Could your business benefit from Unifying its Communications.

Features & Functionalities To Consider When Upgrading Your Telephone System

✓ Call Recording

Call recording can aid your business to improve & monitor its communications infrastructure, monitor your staff’s performance with call recording which will help the training process. Also, in-wake of the recent hoax communications Schools & Academies have been receiving, call recording has helped to protect Schools from hoax terrorist threats.

✓ Call Reporting

Call reporting again can help your business to analyse & improve the current telecommunication infrastructure. Has your business ever missed a call? Was that missed call a potential opportunity? With call reporting you can manage your sales staff & in-coming inquiries, i.e. how long does it take for an in-coming inquiry to be answered. Call reporting within the sales environment can help your business identify the efficiency of the person on the telephone.

✓ Computer Telephony Integration

Computer telephony integration refers to a set of technologies which allows your business to incorporate telephony into any given computer. CTI solutions allow businesses to become much more efficient as there is a sense of increased mobility within the workplace, this has been proven within many industries.

✓ Call Conferencing

With call conferencing, your business can eliminate the need for face to face meetings/ discussions. By simply communicating through teleconferencing, your business will negate the need of having to make multiple phone calls. Simply make one call and conference all the needed recipients into the call. In many cases, it saves time, money and helps businesses avoid situations of miscommunication.

✓ Music On Hold 

In some cases, 34% of callers who hang up will not call back, or even that 54% of callers believe that a business sounds more professional if there is bespoke professional music & or messaging playing. Music on hold is key for businesses, impress your clients with bespoke music & informative messaging.

How Can My Business Benefit From A Telephone System Upgrade?

We would advise any business to review your communications if the set-up no longer meets your requirements. If the system is dated and no longer meets the needs of the business, it is time to review your communications. We would also advise businesses to consider upgrading their telephone system due to the ISDN & Analogue line switch off set for 2025, all businesses will need to be migrated to Cloud, SIP or VoIP by 2025. You could upgrade your telephone system now & take full advantage of a system that is future-proofed which incorporates the latest features, which in turn helps improve efficiency & productivity of the business.