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VoIP Phone System for Business – Benefits and Advantages

September 4, 2020

Best VoIP Phone System For Business - Benefits and Advantages

VoIP phone system for business – benefits and advantages

So what are the benefits of VoIP phone system for business? All the businesses are looking for more efficient and cost-friendly solutions for telecommunication systems. If you are one of them, you must have come across VoIP, which is Voice over Internet Protocol telephone system which possesses unparalleled benefits as compared to the traditional telephone system. It is also gaining popularity because of its advantages and efficient features.

What is VoIP phone system?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. Unlike traditional telephone systems, VoIP is an advanced technology that converts your voice into data that allows you to call through your computer with the help of high-speed Internet connection. We can simply say that VoIP telephony is a calling service that connects people through the Internet. The technology has replaced the standard copper wires and handsets that businesses used to make calls, which in turn it proved to be expensive.

Best 4 Business Communications VoIP Phone System For Business

Features of VoIP phone system for business

Our VoIP phone system not only provides high-quality voice and video calls, but it also allows conference calls, data transfer, data and screen sharing, instant messaging and much more. It is not only beneficial for businesses but in the times of pandemic, it is proving to be the best solution for home workers. Our all-in-one VoIP solution provides all the tools you need to communicate with your staff and customers effortlessly – wherever they’re located. Some of the key features include:

1. Advance call management system – our VoIP phone system provides the advance call management system that not only helps in the front desk operations but also saves you from customers frustration.

2. Anonymous call management – with VoIP phone system you can manage anonymous calls by rejecting them. This helps you and your team to stay focused without losing your focus because of a scam call.

3. Video calling feature – with advanced video calling features, you can easily connect with your team members in real-time. Our VoIP phone system not only allows video calling, but it also possesses the innovative Feature of conference video calling to help the remote team work efficiently.

4. Voicemail & call forwarding – from voicemail text, voicemail emails to voicemail greetings, VoIP provides complete assistance. VoIP voicemail feature suits best for small businesses which helps them to send customise messages, emails, voiceovers and greet callers.

5. Speed-dialling and instant messaging – our VoIP solution provides a perfect extension for speed dialling, ringback feature, instant message and extension calling. These features are great for all types of people in the team as preferred calling over messaging, and some opt for instant calling and re-dialling to save their time.

6. Smart auto-attendant – working from home comes with its own challenges to the business. This is because sometimes consumers cannot reach the manager on time when on call. Our VoIP phone system has the auto attendant feature included. This particular tool enables the system to transfer the call to the next available manager or staff without waiting on the line.

7. VoIP mobile app – VoIP is a software that you can easily install. We offer a dedicated VoIP app for iOS and Android devices. By installing a VoIP app on your smartphone, you can easily connect with your team and create your own virtual office.

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Best 4 Business Communications VoIP IP Phone Telephone System For Business Offices Cloud Phone Collaboration Remote Working Solution

Advantages of using a VoIP phone system for business

Our VoIP phone system allows your employees and customers to make calls directly to your computer or any VoIP devices. This enables your businesses to run smoothly even during this tie when we are supposed to maintain social distance. Your team shall be able to carry on their duties as though they are in the office, yet they are at home.

VoIP is more efficient and serves as a virtual receptionist for your business. Unlike traditional telephone systems, it not only offers to call but also messaging and voicemails. It is more technically advanced with modern features and low cost. All you need is an Internet connection that you can connect with your own device. Our VoIP phone system for business supports voice and video calling with distinctive features of file sharing, chatting, virtual receptionist and music on hold. Our VoIP phone system is a perfect choice for businesses and remote team workers.

VoIP keeps your team connected

As the COVID-19 pandemic has hit us hard, most of the office workers were forced to work from home. Now, the idea of working from home has become a new norm. Most workers also believe that working from home is easier because of the comfortable home environment and time flexibility. VoIP helps these kinds of workers to connect with their respective teams. Our VoIP phone system is cost-friendly, more advanced and you can easily operate it with your own device.

Our VoIP phone system for businesses not only provides voice calls, but it also allows video calling, conference calls, data transfer, data sharing, chat and much more. These features help employees to work more effectively. Even when they are working while sitting on their comfortable armchair at home, VoIP helps them to complete the projects and connect to their team virtually. This further helps them to remain focused and productive throughout the working hours.

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Benefits of Moving to a VoIP Telephony

VoIP phone system – video and voice calling made easy

Our VoIP phone system has made the business video and voice calling easy and more accessible. It not only allows you to receive and initiate the call, but it offers a lot more features. Our multi award-winning VoIP phone system for business:

✅ allows you to control, analyse and route the traffic of the call
✅ offers virtual receptionist facilities
✅ provides music on hold
✅ has a dial by name directories
✅ gives you an option to record the call
✅ allows you to initiate a free in-network call on your VoIP phone system
✅ works on your variety of devices, so it is very accessible and user friendly.

There are many benefits of video calling in a business. VoIP proves to be the best option for businesses in this globalised world and COVID-19 pandemic as it allows workers to stay connected and work on the projects through voice and video calling. Watch the video below to learn more about our VoIP unified communication solution.

How VoIP affects overall business productivity?

VoIP phone system not only provides an efficient telephone system but also increases the entire productivity level of the business and offices. Our VoIP phone system increases the business productivity level by saving the time of the workers. They can easily direct a call, initiate a video call and send a file through a single medium. They can also start a conference call in real-time while being at home. This helps them to stay connected as a team while working from home. Click here to learn more about benefits of moving to VoIP telephony.

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You can try our business VoIP phone system with a free 7-day trial. The free trial provides full access to our collaboration portal, where your employees can make use of all available features without any limitations. If you feel the system is not the best fit for you, the trial will end automatically. Click here to start your free trial.

Best 4 Business Communications VoIP IP Phone Telephone System For Business Offices Cloud Phone Collaboration Remote Working Solution

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“Our multi award-winning VoIP telephone systems allows you to handle calls with a professional greeting, a range of options to direct callers to the correct department and a queuing system to handle high call volumes.”

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