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VoIPSure VoIP Collaboration

February 8, 2021

VoIPSure VoIP Collaboration

It has never been more essential to invest in a reliable communication system for your business. Whether you’re working from home or in a socially distanced office, your business needs a seamless collaboration tool that allows complete and simplified communications. No matter the size of your business, you deserve an innovative telephony solution tailored to the needs of your organisation. This is why you should choose VoIPSure VoIP Collaboration.

Built for small, medium and enterprise-level businesses, VoIPSure is our multi-award-winning hosted communications platform. The system has been designed to be intuitive and simple. From installation through to operation, business communications are effortless.

VoIPSure is a complete VoIP collaboration platform that you can use from any web browser to chat, call, videoconference, share screen and files with your colleagues and customers. Our solutions long list of features provide streamlined functionality and accessibility, meeting all your business requirements.

Smart Integrations with VoIPSure VoIP Collaboration

We understand that introducing a new system into your organisation can feel like a lot of work. This is why VoIPSure was created with simplicity and efficiency in mind. Our communications solution will enhance your day-to-day workflow through the seamless integrations tool.

VoIPSure’s ability to integrate with a range of CRM solutions brings together the functionality and features of your VoIP phone solution and inserts it into the applications that your business uses on a daily basis. 

Our telephony solution is compatible with Microsoft Teams, HubSpot, SugarCRM and many more. Due to the dynamic tools enhancing the way you use your CRMs on a daily basis, system integrations will increase your business productivity to new levels.

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Business VoIP Collaboration App

VoIPSure Collaboration App allows users to take their communications channels with them wherever they go, however they work, and on whatever device they choose. VoIPSure provides all the features that your employees need to work from home, ensuring that your clients are not impacted by remote working.

Our powerful desktop and mobile applications are specifically designed to enhance and simplify your business’ day-to-day communications experience. With VoIPSure remote working solution, your team can easily communicate and collaborate over projects instantly, with all the efficiency and presence of being in the office. Our smart, cloud-based voice, video and messaging tools can help your team serve clients anytime and anywhere.

With an impressive list of features accessible within a single, intuitive user interface, the VoIPSure VoIP collaboration tools can make your telephony system an efficient machine. Over 50 features will transform your business communications.


Voice and video conferencing

VoIPSure makes high definition voice and video calls accessible from any device. Invite your colleagues and customers to conferences from any location.

Voicemail-to-email with transcription

Never miss a message with the useful voicemail-to-email feature. You will receive all of your voicemails instantly in your email inbox as an .mp3 file, ready for you to listen at your leisure.

However, it’s not always possible to listen to your voicemails as soon as they arrive. You may be preparing for a virtual meeting, or have an urgent task that cannot be delayed. This is no longer an issue with VoIPSure. Our voicemail-to-email feature comes with an advanced transcription tool, meaning you will also receive a text translation of the voice message, produced by our innovative AI.

Call recording

Record all of your internal and external calls, with the ability to pause when discussing confidential information, with VoIPSure. Storing your calls comes with no charge, freeing you of the worry of your storage getting full and important recordings being deleted.

VoIPSure VoIP Collaboration


With VoIPSure your team can stay connected at anytime, from any location. The system can be used with a desk phone, a softphone on your computer or laptop and mobile app on your smartphone or smartwatch.

Whether your business is a busy call centre of 500+ people, or a small company of less than 5 people, it is crucial that you have a hardware solution tailored to your business’ specific needs.

VoIPSure collaboration platform is best suited to Yealink hardware. The Yealink products that we provide are excellent in quality and feature-rich, with rapid technical support and auto-provisioned. From the award-winning Yealink range, we offer a selection of desk and cordless DECT phones.

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VoIPSure Contact Centre Solution

VoIPSure Contact Centre Solution is built for call centres, with features that are transferrable and useful for businesses who need a secure system to manage their team efficiently.

With the full feature set of our Business Collaboration App, this plan offers two variations in permissions levels, Agent Edition and Supervisor Edition. The plans are designed to maximise workflow and efficiency, providing more control over tasks.

VoIPSure Contact Centre’s innovative features can be leveraged to better meet your business or call centre’s needs. From real-time queue stats to managed control, your business will gain a competitive edge in your industry. Our high-performance solution provides the functions allowing you to improve your approach to customer interactions.

Fully scalable, VoIPSure offers real-time monitoring while also providing additional levels of management and administrator control. Here are just a small selection of the possibilities available when you choose VoIPSure Contact Centre Solution.

Unlimited ACD Queues — A sophisticated queuing solution to help keep your customers on the line.

Wallboard — You can provide targeted updates for all your team in seconds.

Managed Control — Oversee Agent behaviour and have the ability for Supervisor intervention.

Why choose Best 4 Business Communications?

Our mission is to provide a level of service that is unrivalled in all sectors of the communications industry. For over 15 years, we have been providing excellent communications products and services — including Cloud and fixed phone systems, Internet connectivity, business mobiles and more — for a wide range of businesses.

VoIPSure is our innovate VoIP collaboration solution built for small, medium and enterprise-level businesses. We tailor our telephony solutions to meet businesses’ individual needs. To ensure you receive all the tools you need to streamline your communication process.

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