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VoIPSure: VoIP communication tool for business

March 9, 2021

Many businesses are concerned about what the future holds. Whether that be future lockdowns or the worry of other potential unforeseen disasters that may effect their business. The pandemic has taught us many things, one being it is essential to be prepared for the unexpected. A recent study found that 75% of businesses without a business continuity plan fail within 3 years of experiencing a disaster.

The working world is going to look very different post Covid-19. The demand for communication technology, for both personal and business use, rocketed during the pandemic. Multiple tools are now providing calls and video conferencing, but many of these applications are not ideal for the demanding needs of a business. 

The growth of remote working

Remote working is set to continue growing in popularity, even after the restrictions are lifted. By 2025, it is estimated that 70% of the workforce will be working remotely at least five days a month. Due to this change in the working environment, it is essential for businesses to have an adaptable communication solution.

VoIPSure VoIP communication tool for business

VoIPSure is an award winning remote working solution accessible from Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices. Meaning team members can work on any device, from any location. Don’t let your clients be effected by remote work. Our fully accessible solution keeps employees flexible and productive with smart cloud calling.

Allowing your employees to work from home, even just part time, could also provide a long list of benefits for your business. The first being that you could save money. With more employees working remotely, there is less need for a large office space. Therefore, your company may be able to cut costs on rent, heating and electricity. Another way to save money is by providing your employees with an ideal remote working solution, such as VoIPSure. Choosing our all-in-one communication tool, reduces unnecessary upfront costs and hardware changes, as the applications are instantly ready to use on any device.

Additionally, working remotely can increase your business efficiency. Recently, 98% of survey respondents reported that improved communication and collaboration has lead to improved productivity. Employees have the power to create their own office environment which works best for them. This means they are likely to feel more productive, refreshed and enjoy being in their workspace.

Maybe your team are currently working remotely and you are concerned about the disconnect between them. Connecting across multiple applications can be frustrating and hard to keep track of. You need a platform that brings all of your business communications into one place.


VoIPSure is a VoIP communication tool for business

VoIPSure removes the needs for switching between apps, providing the ability for you and your team to stay connected at anytime, from any location. Your team can access the complete feature-rich system from any of their devices. The communications platform shows the availability of your team around the clock. This allows you to see who is currently on the phone, on annual leave, in a meeting and more.

VoIPSure VoIP communication tool for business

If your business needs to make countless phone calls throughout the day, you may find that you’re struggling to stay in contact with your customers and vice versa. Busy phone lines with no call back could be driving your clients and potential customers away. Never miss an update from your customers with a vital voicemail-to-email feature, provided by VoIPSure.

You can also connect your new innovative telephony system to your CRM. VoIPSure is compatible with a wide range of popular systems, including Microsoft Teams, HubSpot and Zendesk, plus many more. This ability will allow you to keep a structured and organised system of the progress made with each customer and client.

The accessibility of our feature-rich system is fantastic for remote working, and giving employees the ability to work from anywhere. However, when in the office, you may still want a desk phone. Whether your business is a busy call centre of 500+ people, or a small company of less than 5 people, it is crucial that you have a hardware solution tailored to your business’ specific needs.

VoIPSure VoIP communication tool for business

VoIPSure is best compatible with Yealink hardware, which is why we provide a selection of phones offering different results. You can choose between an efficiency enhancing hardware, or a premium cordless handset for more mobile employees.

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Don’t be let down by your communication system

Downtime can have a disastrous impact on an organisation. The pandemic has driven everyone online and towards cloud communications. This means, now more than ever, it is essential to have a reliable telephony solution to minimise your downtime to keep up with the changing times.

Using a range of third party applications for your business communications removes the control you have. There could be unexpected downtime, with a significant wait time to get these issues resolved. Potentially leading to business grinding to a halt, and leaving you with some unhappy customers.

Choose a secure and reliable solution to free yourself of worries regarding your communications. Minimise your downtime greatly and protect your data.

VoIPSure is a VoIP communication tool designed for business use. With our collaboration system, you can guarantee robust cloud security. You will also receive a dedicated account manager. They will regularly review your needs to ensure your communication solution is performing as best as possible, meeting all of your business requirements.

VoIPSure VoIP communication tool for business


VoIPSure vs Zoom

As we previously mentioned, the recent rise in communication applications has seen a huge spike in Zoom downloads. The application focuses on video conferencing, which explains its growth in popularity for personal and business use.

A recent study found 89% of respondents believe that video conferencing reduces time to complete projects or tasks. This shows the importance of having a solution that provides seamless video calls and conferences. VoIPSure allows screen and file sharing, while on a video call, providing the ideal setup for team collaboration.

A huge 80% of survey respondents said they use video communication at work for 1:1 meetings. While 77% of users said they use video communication for large group work meetings. Video conferencing is the new meeting, so why limit your discussion time?

A Basic Plan with Zoom has a 40 minute time limit on each meeting. VoIPSure provides unlimited call and conference time, meaning you never have to pause your meeting. Also, low quality calls will be a thing of the past. With VoIPSure, you can enjoy HD Voice and Video Calls on any device.

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Video conferencing is clearly an important tool for businesses moving forward. However, using just a system that provides basic video calls is not a complete communications solution for business. VoIPSure is an award-winning VoIP communication tool for business. Providing instant chat, call, video, file sharing and much more.


Find the right solution for your business

At Best 4 Business Communications, we understand the needs of every business are different. Which is why we tailor our telephony solutions to the requirements of each organisation. VoIPSure is our innovate VoIP collaboration solution built for small, medium and enterprise-level businesses.

VoIPSure Business Collaboration App is a future-proof VoIP communication tool for small to medium sized businesses. With VoIPSure your team can stay connected at anytime, from any location. The system can be used with a desk phone, a softphone on your computer or laptop and a mobile app on your smartphone. The solution has been created to maximise workflow and efficiency.

The Contact Centre Solution Plan is built for call centres, with features that are transferrable for businesses who need a secure system to manage their team efficiently. VoIPSure Contact Centre’s innovative features can be leveraged to better meet your business or call centre’s needs. From real-time queue stats to managed control, your business will gain a competitive edge in your industry.

Our high-performance solution provides a long list of features, allowing you to enhance your day-to-day business productivity. No matter what the needs of your business are, you can count on VoIPSure.

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