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Why Your Business Should Have A Call Contact Centre?

November 10, 2015

The Importance Of Call Contact Centres

Contact centres are increasingly playing a critical role within the business, they are even now starting to dictate how your business can attract but also retain a loyal customer base.

Why Your Business Should Have A Call Contact Centre?

Implementing a contact centre allows your business to improve productivity across the board, contact centres allow you to observe trends that might occur when customer phone calls are received. This allows management to make justified decisions based on the data received, for example, you might get 150 calls a week asking about parking access at your business premises, you, therefore, might want to add information in regards to parking on your website or even on your telephone hold message. This action could eliminate 150 calls that are unrelated to quotes, products or services, which in turn allows your business to run much more effectively.

Analyse Your Calls & Traffic With A Call Contact Centremycalls

✓ Analyse the time of call traffic
✓ Analyse if there are seasonal influences on call traffic
✓ Analyse what days are busier than others
✓ Analyse what months are busier than others
✓ Analyse how long a customer is willing to hold for
✓ Analyse how busy your ques are on bank holidays

Your Business Can Improve Efficiency With A Contact Centre


1 Queuing Systems:

Never miss a call again. Call queuing systems allow your business to implement a feature that will optimize your businesses queuing system, put calls on hold, keep your customers informed with the latest information, did you know that (34% of callers who hang up will not call back) or even that (54% of callers believe that a business sounds more professional if there is bespoke professional music playing and or voice messaging).

2 Shortening The Calls:

Implementing a contact call centre allows your business to shorten calls by handling the most likely types of information your clients need to have once connected through to a customer service agent. Take for example “please have your sort code & account number to hand”. Your business can dramatically shorten the calls from customers by pre-playing useful information for your clients.

3 Centralise Your Call Traffic:

Having the ability to route all of your businesses call traffic into one location can be significant. Where modern cloud telephony solutions are concerned, they enable your business to centralise all of your local or regional calls into one single destination. Your business is then able to manage local or national calls via the contact call centre. Where the processing of calls in concerned, your business is able to exploit the technology and lower costs.

NEC’s Solution For Contact Centres

Currently, the NEC offers a selection of services that help businesses improve the frontline contact centre, this enables your business to provide the most effective customer service. There are many solutions from the NEC, some products and services help businesses who choose to manage a contact centre to analyse their companies efficiency, in turn, this helps identify how their contact centre can contribute to the businesses bottom line. The NEC’s contact centre solution addresses the critical business objectives, everything from;

✓ Increasing the ability to respond whilst measuring the performance
✓ Enhancing customer satisfaction & service levels
✓ Increasing cost-effective management
✓ Improving & fostering customer loyalty