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What Is Business VoIP?

Business VoIP refers to Voice Over Internet Protocol, this solution is based within the internet protocol & hence we use the term VoIP. Voice Over Internet Protocol is in essence an internet based telephony solution. Some other terms we use to describe VoIP, IP telecommunications, VoIP telephony, broadband telephone systems, voice on broadband & broadband telephone solution.

Finding The Right Business VoIP Provider

VoIP does rely on a stable internet connection, you must therefore ensure that if you are looking to move to a VoIP solution you choose a provider that providers effective levels of broadband service, or a provider who is able to analyse your current broadband connection to test benchmark settings for VoIP.

Why Is Business VoIP A Smart Investment For SME’syeah4

Very cost effective
Allows For business continuity
 Allows the implementation of remote working
Very scalable for business
Effective for audio quality
Large every growing list of features

What Do I Need For A Steady Business VoIP Connection

A stable broadband connection – (important as VoIP is reliant on your connection)
Will you need a VoIP phone adapter (based on your requirements)
✓ A cordless or corded phone
✓ A battery backup for power over Ethernet (do you want continuity options)

Business VoIP Phone Systems From Best 4 Business

✓ Panasonic Business VoIP Telephone Systemscomms-business-awards
✓ NEC Business VoIP Phone Solutions
✓ LG VoIP Telephony Systems
✓ Yealink Business VoIP Telephone Systems

VoIP Phones From Best 4 Business

✓ Cloud Cordless Phones
✓ Cloud Desk Phones
✓ LG VoIP Phones 
✓ Yealink Business VoIP Telephones

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Remember BT Has Confirmed The ISDN & Analogue Switch Off For 2025

Gavin Patterson, The BT Group CEO, stated that BT does intend to migrate all of it’s customers to the VoIP network by 2025. There has always been much speculation into when the industry will see BT switch off the PSTN & ISDN lines, there has never been a set date until NOW.

How Does This Affect Me?

So what does this mean? It means your business will not be supported moving forward from 2025. It means you now need to start considering VoIP & Cloud telephony solutions. It means it’s time to review your current phone system set-up, your current PanasonicNEC phone systems are going to be affected. It means it’s time to future proof your business today!

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