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Small Office & Small Business Telephone Systems – UK

Small Office & Small Business Telephone Systems

B4BC provides a range of small business telephone systems suitable for growing offices, we are a recognised business phone systems provider. For help with small office telephone system solutions, choose business telephone systems that are recognised by Comms Business & Comms Nationals. If you are a small business on the lookout for a small office telephone system, consider Panasonic NS700, NEC SL1100 & Cloud Business Telephone Systems, suitable for growing business & scalable for growth. We are experts in helping businesses choose the right business telephone systems.

Cloud Business Telephone Systems (Recognised By Comms Nationals)





Suitable Small Business Telephone Systems

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Telephone Systems For Small Business & Office Use

NEC Small Business Telephone Systems

The NEC SL1100 telephone system is a great solution for growing businesses, this small office telephone system is considered leading solution from the NEC range. The NEC SL1100 business telephone system is a very cost effective & easily scalable for business growth,  The NEC SL1100 telephone system has a large list of features available, naturally, this phone system is NEC’s popular choice for small businesses.

Panasonic Small Business Telephone Systems

The PANASONIC NS700 telephone system is another great solution for business telephone systems, this telephone system is great at being cost effective & scalable for businesses. This is Panasonic’s answer to small business telephone systems. The NS700 business phone system is a popular choice for small/medium-sized businesses. The Panasonic NS700 business telephone system has a large list of features available, this is considered the go-to solution where the Panasonic range is concerned.

Features With Digital Telephone Systems For Business

Call Recording

Text Messaging

Auto Disaster Recovery

Mobile Applications

Conference Bridging

Voicemail To Email 

Business Telephone Systems Considerations

Before you consider purchasing a telephone system for your business, you should consider these phone system factors when narrowing down your system choice, business telephone systems are crucial for business, consider the following:

✓ How does broadband affect my business telephone systems?
✓ Do you need a business telephone system that is future-proof?
✓ How many lines do you need on your telephone system?
✓ How many extensions do you need on your telephone system?
✓ What features would you like your phone system to incorporate?
✓ Would you like a telephone system that can easily expand with new employees?
✓ Do you want a telephone system that is future proofed from the ISDN switch off?

Other Business Telephone Systems Considerations

✓ Will you need your phone system to have the ability to forward calls to mobiles?
✓ Does this phone system need home worker solutions?
✓ Will you want your new business telephone system to have CTI?
✓ Will you need CRM integration on your phone system?
✓ Is there a need to integrate the phone systems with IT?

What Small Business Telephone Systems Do You Need?

VoIP Telephone Systems

Traditional Phone Systems

Unsure What Phone System

It is crucial that your business examines each & every question carefully, phone systems need to slot into your organisation seamlessly, whether your business is a start-up, small, medium or large business, communication is key, regardless of what industry your business operates in. Phone systems are there to provide seamless communication for your business, choose a business telephone system that works alongside your business seamlessly.

Why Choose B4BC For Small Office Telephone Systems

 B4BC phone systems are recognised by comms business & comms nationals
 Our cloud business telephone systems are recognised by comms nationals 2016
 We are winners of comms business awards for 2015, (Best Telecoms Company)
Our customer service is recognised by comms nationals
Shortlisted for best Telecoms Company for 2016
 We have assisted many small business install business telephone systems
 We have many satisfied customers who can vouch for phone systems, Find Out More

Upgrade Your Old  Panasonic Telephone System

✓ Panasonic TES 824 Telephone System
✓ Panasonic NCP 500 Telephone System

✓ Panasonic TEA 308 Telephone System

These dated small business telephone systems were once great systems for their time, however, these telephone systems have now been discontinued, meaning parts for these systems are becoming scarce, Naturally, this increases the maintenance costs for these telephone systems. B4BC can upgrade any business telephone system, for something feature rich & future-proof, we have many great solutions for office telephone systems, whether it is for 2-1000 extensions. Have a look at our solutions for small office telephone systems Find Out More. Providing business telephone systems is one our specialities. For more information on how we can help you with small office telephone systems, get in touch.

Need Help Choosing The Right Small Business Telephone Systems?

If you require help in choosing the right small office phone systems, then use our office phone system guide. This guide will give you a suggested list of small office phone systems based upon the requirements you submit. Help Me Find Business Telephone Systems Now

Importance Of Picking The Right Small Office Telephone System

Your business should never pay over the odds when it comes to picking the right business telephone system, ensure you know your telephone system you requirements before searching. Best 4 Business is an award winning telephone systems provider, let us help you pick the right small office telephone system.

Cost & Power Saving Small Business & Office Telephone Systems

Suggested NEC Business Telephone Systems

This small office telephone system provides entry-level services, covering ISDN2 as well as SIP. You can cover up to 35 users on the NEC SL1100 Telephone system. Find Out More about these small business telephone systems. Don’t just consider this small office telephone system, view our Range Of Small Office Telephone Systems.


Suggested Panasonic Business Telephone Systems

The NS700 telephone system provides fluid connectivity between sites. This small office telephone system also allows connections for remote workers. Find Out More about these small business telephone systems. This business telephone system is seamless & easy to maintain, very cost effective, whilst supporting legacy IP phones.


Office VoIP Telephone Systems

As a small office, you should consider VoIP business telephone system. Virtual business telephone systems allow smaller businesses to function & take care of telecommunication operations seamlessly, without the need for expensive phone system hardware. VoIP business telephone systems are very cost-effective, & are now considered the go-to solution for business telephone systems as the ISDN switch off looms closer.

Need Help With Small Business Telephone Systems?

If you require help picking your small business telephone systems, start by using our Small Business Telephone System Guide. This guide will give you a list of suitable small business telephone systems based upon the requirements you submit. If you would prefer to talk to us about small business telephone systems, call us for all your phone system requirements.

Handsets For Business Telephone Systems

More Information On Small Business & Office Telephone Systems

For more information on small office telephone systems, or if you have any other inquiries, Contact Us, for all your small office telephone systems requirements. Why not consider VoIP telephone systems. We are experts in small office telephone systems, so let us help your business today. We also provide small office phones to go with your office telephone systems, get in touch & find out more.

Telephone Systems For Small Business

A business telephone system for small business uses a series of multi-lines via the phone system, business telephone systems are becoming the lifeblood of business communications, so it becoming imperative for businesses to choose the right phone system. In terms of business phone systems brands, there are a number of phone systems available, the trouble is, businesses who are not accustomed to the telephone system marketplace will struggle, do you need a basic phone system, does your business need a phone system with multi lines, or do you need a cloud telephone system, feature rich, low on cost of set-up & simple to install.

Need Maintenance On Business Telephone Systems?

Best 4 Business Communications is an award-winning business telephone systems provider, we work with leading telephone system brands, such as NEC, Panasonic. LG & Yealink. We are able to provide bespoke telephone system maintenance agreements to fit all business requirements, learn more today Business Telephone Systems Support.

Small Business Telephone Systems Guide Prices

The typical price for a small business telephone system can vary massively. The higher the specification of the business telephone system, will dictate the cost, the more features, handsets & lines your business requires, will also increase the price of the phone system. Remember to review the marketplace & speak to an adviser.

Finding The Perfect Small Office Phone System

Finding the right business telephone system for a small office is extremely important, sometimes, a lack of space means small businesses often can not afford to store costly hardware on-site. Businesses are now starting to pursue the hosted business telephone system, which is excellent in features & very cost effective. By hosting your business telephone system externally, your business can instead keep initial investments to a minimum, whilst affording monthly payments that meet your needs from a telephone system standpoint. In today’s day & age, telephone systems for business are critical for success, you need to make sure that the telephone system put in place not only meets the needs of the business but also covers the business from a features standpoint. In most cases, cloud business telephone systems tend to offer the most cost-effective solutions for telephony. Speak to a friendly adviser today, for help with business telephone systems.

How Does The ISDN Switch Off Affect My Telephone System Choice?

With the ISDN switch off looming closer, BT will no longer be accepting orders for ISDN lines, this means the telephone systems your businesses uses will need to work over some sort of internet protocol technology. It is time to consider a business telephone system that uses SIP, VoIP or cloud. Your business does not want to be in a position where it still uses out of date telephone systems that will soon have a lack of support in 2025.

Business Telephone Systems – Facts

Did you know that many of the latest business telephone systems require a strong broadband connection? The telephony trend is moving toward, SIP, Cloud, VoIP/ Hosted telephone systems. Did you also know that business telephone systems will no longer work over ISDN lines? BT has announced that it will no longer be supporting ISDN lines from 2025, this means your ISDN telephone systems will soon be phased out. What should you do? Look into a cloud business telephone system, not only are these telephone systems feature rich, but due to no expensive hardware needed, VoIP business telephone systems provide feature-rich solutions, at low affordable costs. Want more information? Speak to an account manager for more info on the latest cloud VoIP business telephone systems.

Why Invest In a New Office Phone System?

Great business benefits can be achieved with a B4BC telephone system

B4BC has extensive experience delivering business telephone systems to a wide range of businesses:
✓ Healthcare
✓ Recruitment
✓ Estate agents
✓ Financial services
✓ Construction
✓ Manufacturing

B4BC consultants will spend time evaluating your business needs, to understand which phone system will deliver the best results.

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