So Wifi Marketing Solution

- Capture your visitors' details
- Gain an insight into your customers

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So Wifi Broadband Solutions

Best 4 Business provides So Wifi, this solution enables your business to understand your clients, this marketing platform allows your business to reach out to your customers directly. With Best 4 Business Communications So Wifi you can extract information on your: Visitors, Customers & Even Passers-By. This allows your business to increase its marketing presence & in turn helps grow your profitability. B4BC provides all the necessary reporting tools, which helps your business make highly informed decisions. This solution helps your business break through to the next level in terms of direct marketing. Increase your productivity & profitability with So Wifi. Give us a call on 03333 66 3333.

Retain Guests Now

So Wifi Benefits

✓ Contact your guests
✓ Improve your online presence
✓ Improve your direct marketing
✓ Increase TripAdvisor reviews
✓ Turn your visitors into customers
✓ Increase your social media followers
✓ Get detailed insights on your visitors
✓ Advertise to people as they utilise your Wifi
✓ Improve profitability with a lowered cost per acquisition

So Wifi Step 1

Plug & Play Setup

So Wifi starts with plugging into the access point, So Wifi then starts gathering the desired visitor information. It is a very simple Plug & Play solution, no difficult setup needed. Use the hardware, or implement it on your own solution. The best bit, your customers get fast, easy & secure guest-WiFi & your business gets highly insightful information.

So Wifi Step 2

Grow Your Online Presence

Your visitors will need to “like” & follow you on Social Media, in order to use your fast & easy guest-Wifi. This direct marketing strategy builds up your online reputation automatically, all this & So Wifi gathers all relevant information.

So Wifi Step 3

Get Powerful Visitor Insights

When your visitors use your guest-Wifi, the So Wifi system will begin to gather your visitors’ insightful data. Some of which includes:

✓ Age

✓ Gender

✓ Email address

✓ Location

You’ll get insights into who exactly your customers are. Build contact lists of proven visitors faster than ever before.

So Wifi Step 4


So Wifi allows you to incentivise customers to make in-store purchases

Stay in touch

So Wifi gathers your visitors’ e-mail & Social Media contact information

Automated marketing

Create & send direct promotional campaigns to your all of your visitors

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