Telephone Systems For Small Businesses & Offices

Small Businesses are important users of telephone systems. Small business users often do not require overly complex systems, but they require certain functions such as putting calls on hold, transferring calls to other handsets and automated voice mail.

The problem is, these types of basic functions cannot always be provided by standard BT phone line. To get these types of functions, you invariably need some additional hardware in your office.

The type of hardware and cost depends on the level of functions that you want to have in your office.

There are essentially two type’s phone system, a digital and an analogue system. The digital system will offer you more functionality, with the analogue being more restrictive. There is the option to have a hybrid system, which offers dual functionality.

Analogue systems such as the KX-TEA308 or the KX-TES824 are useful in locations where only a small number of handsets are required and where you may only have one number for your office.

An example of this would be small dental surgery where one person would answer all the calls with the option to transfer calls to a number of other handsets such as the dentist and an admin office.

These systems also offer basic functionality such as call waiting, call holding, auto-answer and voicemail.

Digital IP systems such as the KX-NCP500 the KX-NCP1000 the KX-TDE100 the KX-TDE200 and the KX-TDE600 are fully functional systems that are able to link up a number of handsets across a wide business environment. The size of system depends on the number of handsets that you require.

A typical digital system enables internal calling between handsets, allows multiple incoming phone numbers that will ring specific handsets and multiple voicemails. These systems are ideal for business using ISDN2E and ISDN30 Telephone Lines and have future expansion plans.

No matter what you decide to buy, you will need professional advice as well as installation.

Every telephone system for small business is different, and it is important you explore all your options and look at how modern communications systems can bring you closer to your customers and suppliers.

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