Telephone Systems For Accounting Firms

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Telephone Systems For Accounting Firms

Looking for a new phone system for your accounting firm?

Are you facing these pain points on your current accountant’s telephone system:

  • Frequently engaged tones is leading to a loss of custom/ revenue.
  • Are you in need of a phone system that connects with your CRM software, which would save time on data entry.

If you need help with any phone system pain points, we are here to help, Best 4 Business has assisted many accountants successfully overcome these challenges.

Telephone Systems For Accountants

Your businesses communication with clients, business relationships & day to day operations is of course important. Make sure your phone system does not hold you back.

– Does your accounting firm protect your phone system?
– If your phone system fails and you can’t receive incoming calls, how would this impact your business?
– Does your accounting firm have a continuity plan?

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Cloud Telephone Systems For Accounting Firms

Enterprise Systems

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Cordless Systems

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Desk Systems

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Phone System Features For Accountants

Mobile Applications

Your smartphone, tablet, laptop or any other mobile device becomes your extension.

Conference Bridging

Clients, colleagues and suppliers can dial into a virtual meeting room.

Smart Voicemail

Voicemail that knows when you are on another call.

Voice To Email

Access your voicemails via email, or even have them forwarded.

Call Recording

Call recording can be switched on and off.

Text Messaging

Use your main number to communicate with by text.

Auto Disaster Recovery

In the unlikely event of a loss of service at your site.

Call Reporting

Inbound and outbound calls are logged.

Telephone Systems For Accounting Firms

Considerations – Telephone Systems Accountants

✓ Do you need an auto attendant, are your calls routed properly?
✓ Do you have voicemail facilities? Do you tend to be on the road and miss calls?
✓ Are you missing calls? Are you losing customers due to a lack of phone lines?
✓ Are your callers hanging up on you? Did you know 80% of people will hang-up if there is no music on hold?
✓ Do you have more than one line on the main number? Can customers get through if someone is on the phone?
✓ Have business mobiles? Does your phone system need to interlink with your mobile?

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PBX Phone Systems For Accountants

NEC SL1100

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NEC SL2100

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Panasonic NS700

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Specialist In Your Industry

Phone Systems That Integrate With Your Accounting Firms

Need any of the following features on your phone system?

✓ Call manager
✓ Voice recording
✓ Conference calling
Music on hold
✓ Mobile Twinning
✓ Voicemail to email

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Telephone Systems For Accountants & Much More

B4BC is a unified solutions provider,  we don’t just supply & install phone systems in your industry, we have a range of telephony services, some of which include:

Business Phone Lines
Business Phone Callsip telephone 2
Business Broadband
Business Fibre Optic
Leased Lines
Business Telephone Systems
VoIP Cloud Telephony
Business Mobiles

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Speak to an advisor today if you wish to discuss your accounting firms requirements, we are an award-winning provider, with an excellent 12-year track record.

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