Telephone Systems For Restaurants

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Telephone Systems For Restaurants 

Telephone Systems For Restaurants

Need a telephone system for your restaurant? Best 4 business has many options for you.

You might be facing some of these issues on your phone system:

  • Your current telephone system for your restaurant is out of date and no longer fit for purpose.
  • Frequently engaged tones are leading to frustrated customers, loss of sales and bookings and a loss of revenue.
  • You need a phone system for your restaurant that links caller ID to your booking system, systems such as Welcome Table, OpenTable and other address book software). Which will save the restaurant time and create a good impression?
  • Your restaurant would like to monitor and improve the way your staff handle calls/ enquiries.

Facing any of these issues? We can help, we provide many solutions for phone systems that work well for restaurants.

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Cloud Telephone Systems For Restaurants

Restaurant Cordless System

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Restaurant Desk System

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Why Choose A Cloud Phone System For Your Restaurant

Call Recording

Voicemail To Email

Conference Bridging

Plug & Play Solutions

Telephone Systems For Restaurants 

What is the Best Phone System for Restaurants?

There are three main types of telephone systems available:

  • Digital phone systems
  • Internet (VOIP – Voice Over Internet Protocol) or cloud based phone systems
  • Hybrid phone systems (the best of both worlds)

I’ll briefly introduce the three and give you the lowdown on the pros and cons of each system.

Digital Phone Systems For Restaurants

A digital phone system is a physical telephone system that is located somewhere in your restaurant. They are small boxes which are usually mounted on a wall or placed in a cabinet. They connect to your phone lines and all the handsets you have in your building.

A benefit of a digital phone system is that it’s very reliable. This system ranks #2 out of the three systems in reliability.

However, a disadvantage of a digital phone system is that it is restricted to physical phone lines (digital or analogue phone lines). This means it’s not that future-proof (there are two newer types of phone system).

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Internet (VOIP) Phone Systems for Restaurants

An internet phone system, also known as a or VOIP or cloud based phone system, is a virtual phone system which unlike a digital or hybrid system will not be located in your restaurant. Instead, it will be located in a data centre somewhere in the world.

A benefit of VOIP systems is that they can save money on call charges.

However a disadvantage of VOIP systems is that if your internet goes down, you will not be able to use your phones – at all.

Hybrid Phone Systems for Restaurants

The hybrid system is a mixture of a digital phone system and an internet (VOIP) phone system. The system will be located in your restaurant and offers flexibility with your choice of cordless and fixed handsets.

A benefit of a hybrid phone system is that they offer more reliability than both VOIP and digital phone systems. If one type of line fails for you, it can automatically route calls in and out from a backup line.

Hybrid phone systems don’t really have any disadvantages. They truly are the best of both worlds.

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Popular Restaurant Phone System Features

Call Reporting

Inbound and outbound calls are logged.

Conference Bridging

Clients, colleagues and suppliers can dial into a virtual meeting room.

Smart Voicemail

Voicemail that knows when you are on another call.

Voice To Email

Access your voicemails via email, or even have them forwarded.

Call Recording

Call recording can be switched on and off.

Text Messaging

Use your main number to communicate with by text.

Auto Disaster Recovery

In the unlikely event of a loss of service at your site.

Call Reporting

Inbound and outbound calls are logged.

What Features On My Restaurant Phone System

Day and night voicemail service – Having this feature will allow you to tailor your voicemail message to what time of day it is. For example, for times you are closed ‘thank you for calling [your restaurant name], unfortunately, we are closed at the moment, our opening hours are… Please leave us a message and we’ll call you back when we open’. This gives customers peace of mind as they know why their call may not be answered and will make them more likely to call back at a different time.

Voicemail to email – Never miss a voicemail message again! The Yo Telecom system will send an email of the message directly to you whenever you receive a voicemail, allowing you to return the customer’s call as soon as possible, instead of waiting until you’re next at the restaurant – meaning fewer missed bookings.

Call recording – Monitor and improve the way your staff interact with your customers with call recording. If a caller has a bad experience, it can be damaging to your reputation. With Yo Telecom’s call recording you can listen to any call that has been made or received and use it to guide and help staff to improve. It also comes in handy if you ever need to re-listen to information customers give you over the phone.

Call logging – Never let an unanswered call turn into a missed opportunity, bad impression, or an upset customer again. You may miss calls when you’re busy on the phone, helping customers, or even when you’re closed. With the Yo Telecom hybrid phone system, you can easily WOW your customers by returning their missed calls. If a call is missed, that potential customer often ends up phoning another restaurant to make a reservation there – and you don’t want that! Don’t let missed calls turn into missed bookings and a loss of revenue, with call logging.

Calls transfer – Help callers speak to the person they need to, fast! This feature allows easy call transfer throughout the entire restaurant. No longer will your staff have to trek from the front desk of the restaurant to the back office because someone has called asking to speak to the manager. With the Yo Telecom hybrid phone system, it’s one simple touch of a button to transfer a call to any other handset (cordless or fixed handset). Meaning better communication between your staff and your customers or suppliers.

 Cordless coverage – Make or receive calls from anywhere in the restaurant. Whether you’re in the storeroom, the front of house or back office you’ll have perfect signal to make sure you can respond to your customers wherever you are! This will save you time and improve the flexibility of when and where you can answer calls from.

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PBX Telephone Systems For Restaurants 

Panasonic NS700

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NEC SL1100

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NEC SL2100

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