Telephone Systems For Schools & Academies

Telephone Systems For Schools And Academies

It can be difficult for schools to choose the right phone system. A telephone system needs to function in a manner that is suitable for the school’s requirements, the phone system should slot into your school seamlessly and provide feature-rich seamless communications.

Why Schools And Academies Need Effective Telephone Systems

✓ Improve how your school manages calls 

For academies and schools, it can be imperative how your telephone system can manage incoming calls, phone systems such as Panasonic and NEC can offer sophisticated call routing, whilst improve response times, which is key for parents. With an effective phone system,  you can give callers the option to leave voicemails, which will free up your lines and improve your overall communication structure. You can even leave announcements on your phone system, i.e. “We will be closed from July 20th – September 1st”, or help keep parents informed when there are closures.

✓ Add new communication features

New phone systems allow your school to incorporate many features, new phone systems you can increase your staff’s mobility are your teachers moving from classroom or department? Keep your teachers connected to the phone system via mobile twinning as well as a full array of phone system features. There are even options to implement an application that allows your mobile to be used as an extension to your phone system, which gives your staff constant connectivity.

Who Benefits From Effective School Telephone Systems

✓ Parents – New phone systems will facilitate features such as auto attendants, which allow parents to report absences without the need to speak to a receptionist, this frees up the receptionist saving time and productivity. Direct dialling can be used by parents to bypass the receptionist and talk directly to the teacher, this saves time and frees up the receptionist from being bombarded with transferring calls. This will ultimately give your school a better level of direct communication.

✓ Teachers – Give your staff the access to a vault of voice messages, each staff member is then able to identify which message was left for them. This creates a stronger level of communication, ensuring that messages are not misconstrued. Give your staff the option to move around the school freely whilst staying connected, mobile applications and softphones allow staff to move from room to room whilst staying connected to a communication device. Do you have staff that work from home? Or maybe remotely? VoIP solutions allow your staff to make and receive calls on a school number whilst they are not even on campus.


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