Panasonic KX-NCP500VNE

Panasonic KX-NCP500V

The KX-NCP500VNE telephone systems is one of the most appropriate telephone systems for connecting sites and homeworkers. The Panasonic KX-NCP500V comes built in 4 port DSP card and 4 port hybrid card. This means the KX-NCP500VNE allows both site and  homeworkers to connect as well as 4 digital and 4 analogue extensions. The KX-NCP500VNE supports mainly 6- 16 users. The IP capacity of the system as with the NCP500V allows more users. The KX-NCP500VNE however is more suitable for small & medium sized businesses with the need to connect externally.

Panasonic KX-NCP500V

Panasonic KX-NCP500V Features

  • Equipped with VoIP voice Compression Card (DSP4)
  • Equipped with 4 digital phone ports (expandable to 12)
  • The VoIP system is designed for a new business of 8-16 users
  • Equipped with 4 Single Line ports
  • Equipped with 4 SIP Trunk ports
  • Equipped with Communication Assistant Basic-Express for all users

The KX-NCP500VNE Express one net new business editions are cutting-edge communication solutions, built for new business, it is equipped with a choice of IP and digital telephone support, Applications, voicemail and Digital IP Network Trunks.

More Information On The Panasonic KX-NCP500V

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Panasonic KX-NCP500V

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