KX-T7720 key handset (White)


  • 12 programmable keys
  • Message/ ringer lamps
  • Navigation key
  • Speakerphone
  • Auto answer/ mute

Similar handset to the 7735 and 7730, however doesn’t have a display, still classed as a Hybrid key handset and is compatible with the 308 and 824 telephone systems. The handset has a headset port unlike  many handsets of the same standard..  You will still have the available message lamp mainly used for voicemail notification.  The navigation key makes this handset one of the easier handsets to use in its range.

KX-T7720 -12 key hands free telephone, has 12 programmable keys which have Red/Green lamp status, with one touch operation of features such as log-in/log-out, or voicemail transfer and Direct Station Selection. Dual colour LEDs show useful information. A busy field shows the extensions which are in use.

Large incoming message/call lamp displays incoming messages or calls, so your staff knows whose telephone is ringing.

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